Sony’s New ‘360 Reality Audio’ Feature launched With the Xperia 1 Smartphone


SONY, which is a multinational company having the highest business in the world related to music and associated entertainment. It is one of the largest selling companies for gaming consoles.

Yet SONY has not launched a new phone after SONY XPERIA 8 but this is well known that SONY is known for music as well. So in this direction, SONY started a new technology in audio which is completely object-based.

This technology will help an individual or the listener to have the quality of the music just like a recording studio or sound system in a small space that he can access anywhere. The sound system is being created with a spherical dimension which has a high level of soundscape having a multidimensional nature.

Sony's New ‘360 Reality Audio’ Feature launched With the Xperia 1 Smartphone
Sony’s New ‘360 Reality Audio’ Feature launched With the Xperia 1 Smartphone

At this moment, SONY has introduced the technology in XPERIA 1 which includes approximately a thousand songs; however, it will contain more songs which will be launched by the SONY itself.

The listener can exploit this technology best with the help of WH-X1000M3 headsets. The uniqueness of the system is that it will sense and map the hearing capabilities of the listener.

It will interpret and target the audio in the same direction and sense the algorithm in this regard. SONY headphones connect APP will help in this by which one can modulate the sound characteristics according to his/her ear shape.

It will include music from various red hot chili peppers however Amazon Music is not a part of this technology. There is a need for a prior subscription for availing of this technology. SONY headphones connect APP will help in this.

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Above all this technology would be experienced on AMAZON ECHO STUDIO WIRELESS SPEAKER, a speaker for which one needs a subscription for AMAZON MUSIC.

SONY ALL ACCESS needs build in for playing on any hardware however when compared to contemporary DOLBY it can be run on any hardware which is supported by DOBLY.

With the help of it, one can remix the songs if it is feasible however both of the companies are claiming but still there is no real experience in the market.

Moreover, there is a question of a concern than any other brand would be able to offer the same 360 technology or will SONY would be able to fulfill its aims and objectives?


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