Sophie Turner: So She Used To Hate Jonas Brother

Sophie Turner: So She Used To Hate Jonas Brother
Sophie Turner: So She Used To Hate Jonas Brother

Sophie Turner has admitted that she hated her husband Joe’s band, the Jonas Brothers because she blamed them for breaking her favorite band, Bastad.

The Game of Thrones star also admitted that he thought Joe would be and before meeting and would immediately click overnight in Camden, London.

Game of Thrones, -Star Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas gave themselves last year as part of a dream wedding vows. But love at first sight can obviously not be said of the couple, as the actress now said.

Sophie Turner: So She Used To Hate Jonas Brother

The 24-year-old has even revealed that she hated Jonas Brothers, her husband’s band as a teenager. “My friends and I were not fans of the Jonas Brothers. We liked busted. Then the Jonas Brothers re-released the song and it became very popular and Busted disintegrated. It was all Jonas Brothers’ fault.

So we hated her, ”Turner told the ‘Elle’.In 2016, however, she met the 30-year-old personally. Back then Sophie was in front of the camera for the film ‘ X-Men: Apocalypse ‘, whereby one of the producers came up with the idea to couple the actress with his friend Joe Jonas.

Finally, the series star got involved in the meeting in a London bar, and at the beginning, she was anything but enthusiastic about how she remembered.”I thought he would show up with security and everything. I thought he was an ass. That’s why I asked my friends to accompany me, so I felt safer. ”

He brought a friend and they drank as much as the rest of us. I remember the two of us spent only a few minutes on the dance floor and then we found a place in the back corner and just talked. We talked for hours and hours. And I wasn’t bored. According to rumors, the two should now expect their first child. The pregnancy has not yet been officially confirmed.

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