Soul App’s Research Shows Young Generations Valued Health More After COVID-19 Pandemic

Valued Health More

Fighting the epidemic has become the top priority of our society after the outbreak of COVID-19. It cultivates the improvement of people’s health awareness. Research from Soul App shows that “wish u good health” has become the top key blessing word for Generation Z, Valued Health More. 

Soul App is a popular social platform among young generations. To better understand Gen Z’s demands, Soul established the Just So Soul Institute, analyzing users’ behavior on Soul and generating reports with various themes. According to the research it conducted during the spring festival of the year of tiger, many young people still kept exercising every day and shared relevant content on Soul. “Wish u good health” became the most-used words in their new year blessings.

Suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese people chose to stay at home to celebrate the new year instead of visiting friends and relatives as traditions. Luckily, the development of technology makes it easier to keep in social contact. Soul App has designed some activities only for spring festival to encourage young Soulers to record and share their holiday experiences on “Soul”cial Metaverse. 

Specifically, the research focused on the number of tags and posts on “Soul”cial Metaverse during the Spring Festival. It sorted out the most frequent search words, greetings and favorite New Year goods, episodes of young people, etc.

During the seven-day holiday, Gen Z tended to keep fitness regularly to live a healthy life rather than fully relaxing. Statistics showed that from New Year’s Eve to the sixth day of the Lunar New Year, there were 291 tags related to exercise on “Soul”cial Metaverse, with over 50,000 posts. Some users posted their fitness photos on the platform, indicating that young people did not forget to exercise during the epidemic and holidays.

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Meanwhile, the research also collected the most popular blessings on “Soul”cial Metaverse. Data shows that the most commonly used messages for Gen Z’s new year blessings are “wish u good health”, “good luck”, “may you be happy and prosperous” and “have a successful career”. The epidemic has prompted young people to pay more attention to physical health, making “wish u good health” the top of the list.

From Soul App’s research, young generations Valued Health More and are willing to take the initiative to keep fit through sports, showing a positive attitude against fighting the epidemic. Soul App, being a popular social platform for Gen Z, will continue launching more interactive and participatory functions and activities around epidemic prevention, calling on young people to take active exercise and stay healthy to fight the epidemic together.


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