Sounds Petty: Common Arguments By Couples

Common Arguments

If you’re in a long-term relationship, you know that couples fight a lot—a lot. And that’s pretty normal. Arguments are always part of any relationship. It strengthens the bond because you get to sort things out and know at what point to compromise. Research also says that couples who discuss things after an argument are 10 times more likely to be happy with their relationships than others who’d rather not talk about disagreements. This happens because when you argue on common arguments, you get to understand where each other is coming from. You get to discuss how to meet halfway for your partner. In this blog, you will get to know about Sounds Petty: Common Arguments By Couples.

But no matter how typical arguments are, there will always be petty fights. And petty squabbles can be annoying. The problem is that petty fights can lead to big fights and, when repeated over time, can further cause damage to the relationship.

Petty Fights Lead to Big Fights

Most of the time, partners fight for the same reasons. It can be over sex discussions, money debates, cleanliness rules, who decides what, who forgot what, relatives meddling, and many more. Some arguments are reasonable, especially on serious matters like money, properties, and children custody. Such arguments usually take some time to settle. 

Yet there can also be petty fights that are unreasonable. And while they are insignificant and you can quickly resolve with your partner, they usually happen time and time and again, and it can be pretty tiring. 

Here are some of the most common lame reasons of arguments that couples fight about:

  • Forgetting Important Dates
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Birthdays, anniversaries, first dates—you name it—you must have forgotten about it once or twice. According to a study by OnePoll, at least one in three people have forgotten their partners’ birthday. Men are most likely to be the culprit. A study shows that 52 percent of men have made the mistake of forgetting their partner’s birthday. This is compared to 24 percent of women who did. Meanwhile, 12 percent have even ended up fighting with their partner due to a poorly planned birthday bash.

The reason for this can be cognitive, though. According to a study published in JAMA Neurology, memory typically declines for both men and women after 30. Meanwhile, men’s memory plunges real quick at the age of 40.

If you try to look at things scientifically, you might be more understanding with your partner.

  • Losing Gifts or Things with Sentimental Value

You must have lost your wedding ring or your engagement ring while you are working out. Or you must have dropped that diamond necklace your partner has given you while jogging. While these incidents are unintentional, they will always hurt your partner when you lose something they’ve put so much thought about. Not to mention they’ve saved a thousand dollars for that. So it’s understandable that they get upset. 

It can always be resolved with an apology, of course, and a promise to never let it happen again. So to avoid making the same mistake, be sure not to lose your partner’s gifts. And the next time you’d give a gift, try looking for wearable jewelry like silicon workout rings. 

  • Mentioning Past Incidents
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Of course, you have previous fights over past mistakes. You and your partner must have done things in the past that have hurt each other. But why do you have to bring them up in current conversations? 

It is common for couples to mention things of the past when they are hurting or mad, even if things have already been resolved and forgiven. When people are angry, some bring up faults in the past to prove a point or to present a historical basis. This is especially true when mistakes are constantly repeated. It makes people feel better when they prove that they are right and that their partners are wrong.

But you have to consider that it can be annoying to bring up things that are already in the past. This can strain your relationship with your partner. It’s been done and resolved. What you have to focus on now is the present problem. 

These scenarios might sound lame and petty, but they are the most common reasons why relationships fight. Most causes of breakups are petty mistakes repeated over time. The real deal for partners is not to ask for forgiveness when either makes a mistake but to not repeat the same mistakes over and over again. It will be challenging for you and your partner, but you should learn to sort things out and meet halfway. 

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