Spain breaks up huge drug ring by ‘Messi of hashish’

Spain breaks up huge drug ring by 'Messi of hashish'
Spain breaks up huge drug ring by 'Messi of hashish'

On Sunday, the Spanish police had good news for the public but the task was not able to be fully accomplished. A Moroccan drug ring was broken up but unfortunately, the leader of the gang nicknamed ‘Messi of Hashish’ fled away and is still on the run. This statement was published by Spain police to alert the public.

The ring leader whose name is Abdellah El-Haj has been on the run since March 2018. Actually, he was taken into custody and arrested by police in November in the year 2017 on some other charges which stay unrelated to the drug ring. Later on, he was bailed out in March but since then police have not been able to arrest him.

Authorities believe that he is somewhere related to the illegal gangs functioning in the south of Spain. There are speculations that he might be involved in the smuggling of drugs through the Guadalquivir River. In fact, the river is said to be the main pathway for illegal transportation of drugs amongst gangs.

Spain breaks up huge drug ring by 'Messi of hashish'
Spain breaks up huge drug ring by ‘Messi of hashish’

Actually, it was during one of those illegal transports that the gang was caught. Drugs were getting smuggled into semi inflatable vessels all the way from Africa. The boat faced a disastrous event that led to the sinking of the boat. It was discovered by the Gibraltarian authorities before the matter was disclosed.

The boat has 3 crew members who gave out the information about the ring and its functioning. The proper investigation took place where 78 people were arrested for being involved in the illegal gang.

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Apparently, the leader, ‘Messi of Hashish’ has been on run for a long time and police has been trying to track him down. If reports are to be believed, then ‘Messi’ takes care of the functioning of the ring from outside of the country.


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