Staff augmentation services


The operational activity of any company that develops, implements, and implements IT products is based on the actions of professional employees, as well as on the competent distribution of the level of responsibility between people in the team. Many experts recommend that business owners use Staff augmentation services, which will help to improve the competence of each employee, create a friendly atmosphere within the team, remove unnecessary development bottlenecks. All these activities require a detailed analysis of the composition of the team, checking the level of knowledge and the communication skills between people, as well as examining team’s productivity.

What do staff augmentation services offer?

When a customer contacts a company that conducts an audit of the personnel raft and also helps to increase the number of staff to expand the client’s business, he is offered the following set of basic services:

  •         Search and provision of the best specialists in the field of IT product development based on the analysis of the proposals of recruitment agencies and the recommendations of previous employers.
  •         Involvement in the implementation of the project of temporary freelance professional employees with piecework wages with a guarantee of their diligence and ability to complete the tasks.
  •         Ensuring control over a team of IT specialists by auditing their activities, and taking photos of the working day.
  •         Hiring managers and other senior staff to increase the efficiency of business processes, as well as to ensure the vertical hierarchy of the enterprise in order to improve personnel policy.
  •         Analysis of the compliance of the skill level of a team of professionals with the current tasks set by the management for the normal development of the business.
  •         Providing recommendations to the customer on the removal of part of the team due to the incompetence of some employees or due to their excessive underload during the performance of the assigned tasks.

In the case of organizing the right approach to the personnel policy of the enterprise, it will show stable growth in the very near future, as specialists will cope with the work faster, and ensure control at each stage of the implementation of an intellectual product will increase its quality and eliminate errors.

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List of basic services when ordering staff augmentation services

Each company that is engaged in the audit of personnel structure by increasing the staff of professional employees in the field of IT technologies offers the following 3 basic services:

  •         Analysis of the performance of an already completed team.
  •         Search, interview, and hiring of new professional employees in strict accordance with the staffing table.
  •         Renting a team of employees or individual specialized specialists to perform certain work with piecework wages.
  •         Conclusion of a long-term agreement with the customer’s company for periodic audits and staff replenishment, as the business develops.

As a rule, when increasing the staff, the company providing this service takes full responsibility for the professional suitability of all IT specialists of various profiles hired. Each employee is hired under a contract, in compliance with the standards, with the payment of wages in accordance with the staffing table and previously reached agreements. The company’s recruitment services for the implementation of IT projects also include the organization of control and management functions, which requires the involvement of highly qualified management staff.

What benefits does a business owner get when ordering staff augmentation services?

This service is a must for IT business owners because when expanding and increasing their staff, they receive the following important benefits:

  •         First of all, the business owner can close with new team members all the gaps in the state, which previously was the need to hire temporary professionals, which was accompanied by high costs.
  •         New highly qualified personnel with long working experience always brings new ideas, plans, and other intellectual value to the team, which management can use to expand the business.
  •         The quality and speed of development, as well as the introduction of new IT products in various business segments of the company’s customers, are improving, which contributes to building credibility and expanding the client base.
  •         Many new hires have special knowledge of new product development that the employing company has never done before. This serves as a strong impetus for the development of the enterprise and the expansion of its scope of activity.
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Before compiling a task for staff augmentation services, it is necessary to estimate the actual number of jobs. This is due to the fact that some new employees can work remotely from other locations, which will significantly reduce the material burden on the employer. At the same time, such stuff tends to be harder to control, which can lead to marriage and missed deadlines.

Prospects for business development, in case of ordering staff augmentation services

When contacting a company to expand the staff of IT specialists, through the recruitment of permanent or temporary employees, or entire teams, the business owner provides himself with the following prospects:

  •         Increasing profits, quick payback.
  •         Business expansion, growth in the number of orders.
  •         Reducing the development time of a new project with its subsequent implementation.
  •         Reaching new heights, opening branches with various activities.
  •         The exclusion of marriage increased the credibility of the company.
  •         Providing 24/7 customer support.
  •         Ensuring a flexible approach to new clients during brainstorming due to the expansion of the team’s horizons with an additional highly qualified specialist with extensive experience.
  •         Exclusion of risks that can lead to missed deadlines, the release of low-quality intellectual products, and bankruptcy of the company.
  •         Reducing unit costs by increasing working capital and optimizing basic costs.
  •         The possibility of dividing a large team into several small teams with the creation of healthy competition between them to increase efficiency.
  •         An increase in the market value of the business and the investment attractiveness of a reliable company, an inevitable increase in ratings.

One of the main prospects that an extended team can achieve is to provide audit and thorough control at every stage of the development of an intelligent IT product. Everyone knows that errors in a given job accumulate, and a complete rework in the final stages often leads to cost overruns, budgets, and other problems. If inaccuracies are identified at intermediate stages, such a problem is completely eliminated, and the company is ready to offer the best result even to large clients and investors.



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