Star Trek Season 2 Top 5 Episodes you must rewatch before the release date of Star Trek Season 3


Last released in September 1967, Star trek Season 2 had appeared on Television. Since then, generations from the late 1990s are waiting for Star Trek Season 3, however, is it coming out anytime soon? Well! You will find out all the essential Star Trek details in this reading.

Star trek season 2
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To begin with, Star Trek is one of the most beloved science fiction television series first premiered in 1966. It has been decades since Star Trek decided to reappear on the television. There are chances that Star Trek Season 3 may premier on Netflix in the first place. Well! I come from the 1990s, and therefore, I wasn’t known to Star Trek all seasons before watching the Big Bang Theory. And then, Sheldon’s love for Spock brought me on the web to binge-watch both Star Trek Original and The Next Generation back to back.
Hence, today on this platform, we represent the top 5 episodes from Star Trek Season 2 before you move on to Star Trek S3.

Star Trek Season 2 best episodes: The Next Generation

  • The Deadly Years

When it comes to season 1 and season 2 of Star Trek, there’s a lot of gap between the performances and dialogues. Somewhere, Star Trek Original seemed alarming but thanks to its fan-following, season 2’s “The Deadly Years” made it to millions of viewers. 

Star trek season 3 now available on Netflix
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This episode gave a very unique sci-fi concept when the landing party experiences quick aging due to the reaction of beam and strain. Although this concept had shut down the worldwide critics of the show, yet, the entire credit for this episode goes to the Star Trek Makeup Team.

  • A Piece of the Action

Cannot imagine Kirk and Spock as the wise guys? Well! In that case, you should go right away and watch Star Trek Season 2 : A Piece of the Action Episode. In this episode, K and S come across an exclusive planet that reminds the team about a 1920’s Gangster book. Apart from the concept, this episode is quite funny.

  • The Trouble With Tribbles

More often than not, the audience in the 1960s took Star Trek to be – serious, highly confusing, and non-comic television series. But that’s not entirely true because back in the times, episode “The Trouble With Tribbles,” proved everyone wrong. 

Mr Spock from Star Trek Season
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This episode includes a scene in a bar where Chekov and other officers are witnessed embracing Kligon like never before. So, that’s something unforgettable. 

Not only this but at the finale of this episode, the entire team shares a big laugh and it becomes a memorable moment in the history of Star Trek. 

  • The Doomsday Machine

How would you like to rewatch a vastly large weapon that is ready to destroy anything and everything?

What’s more fun than watching the doomsday machine is – all the sacrifices of the Commandore Decker who wants to take revenge one way or another! Further in this episode, C. Decker and Spock confronted each other with their best moves over the Enterprise.

  • Mirror, Mirror

If we talk about the “BEST,” Mirror, Mirror comes at the top of  the best 5 Star Trek Season 2 episodes. To begin with  this episode pictures a parallel world for its audience to rewatch the entire world with the opposite point of view. It shows the world as a complex place where many bad things happen on a day-to-day basis. 

Star trek season 2 coming soon
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The episode clearly pictures the mishaps such as Murders. But how did this view of the world impact our heroes? Watch now, Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

When is Star Trek Season 3 coming out?

To begin with, the Star Trek Season 3 Release date was earlier set in January 2020. Without any delay  Star trek season 3 successfully made it to its launch. 

Now you can watch Star trek all episodes online at Netflix without any interruptions. The show did not premiere on television this time.

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Star Trek Season 3 List of Episodes

  1. Spock’s Brain
  2. The Enterprise Incident
  3. The Paradise Syndrome
  4. And the Children Shall Lead
  5. Is there in Truth No Beauty?
  6. Spectre of the Gun
  7. Day of the Dove
  8. For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky
  9. The Tholian Web 
  10. Plato’s Stepchildren 
  11. Wink of an Eye
  12. The Empath 
  13. Elian of Troyius
  14. Whom Gods Destroy?
  15. Let that Be Your Last Battlefield 
  16. The Mark of Gideon
  17. That Which Survives
  18. The Lights of Zetar
  19. Requiem of Methuselah
  20. The Way to Eden
  21. The Cloud Minders
  22. The Savage Curtain 
  23. All Our Yesterdays
  24. Turnabout Intruders

For upcoming seasons of Star Trek, stay tuned with us. Bookmark this article for quick updates.


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