Staying Productive Post Lockdown

Staying Productive Post Lockdown
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For many of us the time to return to work has come if you have spent the last few months at home in lockdown, but during this period of time it’s likely you’ve experienced some changes in habits during your day to day and may find it a struggle to return to your normal productive self once you’re back in work – there are plenty of things you can to to stay productive post lockdown, however, with just a little discipline. 

It’s time to change your phone habits 

The first thing you may need to do is change the habits you may have picked up on your mobile device – as we have sought out alternative forms of entertainment, one sector that has seen a lot of growth has been within mobile gambling, particularly now as american casinos are popular with uk players following regulation changes that saw changes in how players interacted with these sites, for example, but there are also many other examples as video sharing sites and streaming have grown in popularity too – if you’re one of these players, it may be time to remove or block the apps in order to stop you from picking up your phone every few minutes to check or play. Alternatively, it may be beneficial to just leave your phone off where possible to remove the distraction entirely.

Try and change your schedule

Especially now with remote working becoming a bit more widespread, it may be worthwhile to see if you’re able to adjust your schedule, even if only a little. If you haven’t been working at all during this period of time, returning to your normal 9-5 may be very difficult, if you’re able to smooth that curve a little to help ease you back into your regular working day it may be extremely helpful in helping you ease back in. It may even be worth exploring remote working opportunities as a whole if it fits your type of work. 

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Try some techniques to help you out

There’s a huge number of techniques out there to help you improve your productivity from making lists to taking regular breaks, whilst some may not be possible for you to do, exploring options that may be available can be of great help. Some may be very specific to remote working or working from home, others may be more aimed at an office environment – try a bunch of different options out and find the one that works best for you, you may be surprised at some of the results.

There are also other considerations that may impact your productivity – concern for safety, concern for home life if your family haven’t returned to a regular schedule, or a growing number of other issues that have come up during this pandemic – much of what is changing in the short term may change quickly, so just be mindful that many of what may be difficult for you in the immediate may quickly change over the coming weeks and months as we begin to figure out what the new ‘normal’ is.


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