Is Lily Allen dating David Harbour? The level of the rumor is rising and got super hot when the duo attended a boxing match together in London. 

The Alight Singer and our very own Stranger Thing Detective Jim Hooper are perhaps enjoying the blossoming of romance!

How do we know? Well, why would the Sheezua singer share his picture with the beauty on the tube with #lomachenkoCampbell? It’s romance amidst blood and gore guys!


They appeared so super cozy during the “fight night” surely fight was not the thing in their mind. Wrong selection for date night maybe? They have selected better places to spend time in each other’s company. For instance, we did spot them watching the Lehman Trilogy at a theatre in London West End!

Before the fires of this blossoming romance started to spread, Lily Allen was married to Sam Cooper. The marriage ended eventually and Lily did admit that she had been cheating. A bold woman we must say. Lily has two beautiful daughters from that wedlock but that does not seem to come in the way of this new Sweet Thing, not strange at all!

Harbour was in a relationship before this as well. 

His ex-sweetheart was Alison Sudol, however, the union ended sometime in the beginning of this year. While things turned out quite well for Harbour what are the reactions of Sudol? 

Sad? Sarcastic? Well, when the rumors of Allen and Harbour started to rage, Sudol posted a my-ex-is-dating-again “motivational” post. Spicy huh? A sour grape situation maybe!!

However, things have turned out pretty easy for this new duo of Hollywood. To make the Paparazzi go away, Harbor had the right alibi. He was in Lindon’s town to shoot Marvel’s next movie, The Black Widow! That kind of explains his presence within such close quarters of Allen! Explains it, right? 

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Amazing things happen here in Hollywood and we will keep you posted on the latest, juiciest gossip!


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