Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer And Charlie Heaton’s Budding Relationship Off The Cameras, Here’s The Complete Dating Timeline


We as a whole realize that them two, Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton, are dating on-screen in the arrangement The Stranger Things.

It has been madly amazing to realize that the two of them are dating off-screen as well. Despite the fact that they are keeping their relationship individual, a couple of pieces of their adorable sentiment have been taken from different meetings demonstrating that they are dating. It’s that they are dating as well as they are living respectively as well.

They are authoritatively a couple and have gone to different design grants together. The couple had clicked photographs before the camera at a few get-togethers that have been going on. They’ve even a mutual couple of snaps of one another in their Instagram accounts. The cast even said something that has demonstrated their relationship.

Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer And Charlie Heaton’s Budding Relationship Off The Cameras, Here’s The Complete Dating Timeline

At the point when the supposed couple was spotted together at LAX a subsequent time, TMZ made up for lost time with them and enquired about their relationship status.

“Is it hard mixing individual and expert lives, it’s not testing by any stretch of the imagination? I’d envision dating one of my collaborators would be dangerous, you know?” the cameraman asked trying to affirm if the two are dating or not.

Dyer redirected the gossipy tidbits, expressing that in the event that it appears she and Heaton are close, this is on the grounds that the entire cast is close with each other.

“Regardless of whether individuals are dating or hanging out, I believe that our cast simply is cool with one another. That is to say, I won’t represent any other individual yet it’s been you know.

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We’re each of the one major family.” Unsatisfied with her answer, the camera through and through inquired as to whether they were dating, to which Dyer reacted “Have a pleasant day,” before leaving with Heaton.

They stated, “It’s an intriguing thing to work with someone who you return home with. It’s in every case extremely fun. We’re OK with one another, so we can play and feel more liberated, and we can discuss it previously.”

Both of them share a decent affinity on and off the screen. This made different fans bounce in happiness. It is in every case great to see our preferred co-stars being as one even, all things considered.

It has been said that Charlie Heaton has a child with his ex Akiko. With Stranger Things 3 coming up, both the on-screen characters have had a serious decent measure of scenes together and by reality, they would have lived as opposed to acting before the camera as well!


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