Stranger Things Season 4: Will Hopper make a comeback? Check Release Date, Plot, and Trailer

Stranger things season 4
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Years after years, Netflix brings new gems of original web series for its audience. But, there are a few unique Netflix series that the audience lives for. Yes! One of these most-treasured series is Stranger things, first premiered in July 2016. After bringing forward three successful seasons, now, the audience is wondering whether there will be a Stranger Things season 4 or the journey of Eleven ends with the death of Jim Hopper. And the most crucial query on the internet, will Jim Hopper, Texas’s bravado policeman, make a comeback in season 4? Well! You will find out in this reading. 

Stranger things all seasons now available on Netflix
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To begin with, Stranger Things is a science fiction, as well as a period drama that targets the audience between 11-20 years old. Despite this, Netflix receives millions of audiences on the app streaming Stranger Things new season whenever released. Hence, the production’s expectation with the forthcoming season of Stranger things is persistent.

So, let’s get ready to find out everything you need to know about Stranger Things season 4 so far. Will there be a Stranger Things season 5?

What is the Stranger Things season 4 release date?

According to the recent updates, Stranger Things season 4 is in production already. Its shooting has started in February 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the show’s release may experience a delay. However, announcements say that Stranger Things season 4 will come out on Netflix by the end of 2020 or early 2021.
Not only this, but several interviews by the cast of Stranger Things season 4 also revealed that Jim Hopper, who seems to die/disappear in the finale of season 3, would make a comeback. Well! That’s some good news to cheer for!

Is there a Stranger Things season 4 official trailer?

In September 2019, Netflix announced the renewation of the show for the 4th season. It says “We are not in Hawkins.” 

Audiences are expecting an entirely new horror-concept as the story of Stranger Things is not happening in Hawkins, but somewhere else. What is that place? Well! Let’s find out:

To begin with, the trailer launched by Netflix confirms the appearance of Jim Hopper in the upcoming season. Not only this but according to them and cast in the trailer, it is also assumed that the show will now follow up in Russia. To be honest, it is very exciting to view a brand-new location and a series of haunting events in a new location. But, fans are also wondering about Eleven, will she come back? Or, will Jim Hopper find a new Eleven in Russia? As we all know that 10 more supernatural kids in the series suffered like Eleven. Hence, stay tuned to know more!

What is the Stranger Things plot?

Stranger Things follows the storyline of Will Byers, Eleven, Mike, Dustin, and Jim Hopper who are trapped in a supernatural world where creatures haunt them. In the first season, Will Byers became the victim of a supernatural creature who made him a hostage in a parallel world. Eleven on the other hand comes from a past that directly connects with the existence of supernatural creatures into the real world. 

Hopper, a drunk and lone policeman, helps his friend Joyce Byers to find his son who disappears one day. On the search for Will, three friends get together and investigate. During this, they find Eleven and unfolds the mystery behind the presence of these creatures on the other side. 

Stranger things season 4 is coming soon

What happened in the last episode of Stranger Things season 3?

In the finale episode of stranger things season 3, Joyce and Jim are at the lab where Russians are trying to open the door to the supernatural world. Nancy and Jonathan are taken hostage by the Russians. While Mike, Dustin, and Lucas desire to unfold the secrets of Russians, Will on the other hand struggles with the memory of the time he spent in the underground world. 

Joyce finds out that the main monster is trying to find all of them by grasping Will’s mind supernaturally. At the end of season 3, the audience witnessed Jim Hopper sacrificing himself for Will and the safety of the world. 


In conclusion, Stranger Things season 4 will come back with a lot of plot twists and turns. So, are you ready to witness the power of stranger things in the show? Will “Will Byers” once again supper? Or, this season is where Eleven makes the biggest sacrifice?


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