How a student can make money while studying

student can make money while studying

Once I was a student and I remember how I was constantly short of money. If I started copywriting then and started a blog, then, firstly, I would have had additional earnings then, and secondly, now I would have even more. Do not miss this opportunity to make money while studying today, especially now everything is predisposed for additional income on the Internet. This blog will tell you How a student can make money while studying.

Traditional work options used by students all over the world include a consultant in a store, a waiter, a bartender or a merchandiser. The list doesn’t end there. Only an enterprising student can find a job without experience and skillfully combine work and study.

It is not always possible to use academic years only to gain knowledge, because some students’ parents simply do not have the opportunity to pay for the education they receive, while others have a strong desire to have their own money in order to live separately and be independent. The above vacancies refer to offline earnings, which could be found at every step. And now, when the majority is sitting at home and afraid to go out, you need to make money while studying – via the Internet. And learning to combine the first with the second – you never know what in the future.

Reasons for looking for a job right now

Isolation or a stupid lack of money for yourself – whatever the reason that a student needs to find a job, you need to do it right now. Because the first option will not always be successful, you will want to try something else that takes a lot of time and effort. The earlier a student starts looking for a job, the better. The advantages of earning money during your student years include:

Useful connections – at work, the student communicates and meets people who can share personal experience with him, teach him something, suggest something, and, possibly, offer a job with a higher income level and less employment.

Financial literacy – a young man or girl learns to wisely distribute the money earned, save, save, invest.

Gaining experience – the student learns to communicate with bosses and clients, understands how to work in a team, and develops professional skills.

Desired purchases – a girl or a guy can buy what he has long wanted to have, perhaps this is something necessary for study, but it is quite expensive.

Increased self-esteem – if a student is given money by his parents, then they “call the tune”. The feeling of dependence that has arisen will instantly disappear when the student picks up the money earned by his own labor.

There are more than advantages to student employment. Young people should understand the responsibility that comes from the moment they start working. If you can skip a couple of lectures, then no employer will tolerate a devil-may-care attitude. For a reasonable combination of study and work, you will have to wisely plan your day. And you may not have time for entertainment, because instead of going to the movies, you will have to go to work. If the student overcomes these difficulties, then he will enlist the support and encouragement of not only fellow students, but also teachers.

Types of earnings for a student online

Online earnings differ from offline employment in that you don’t need to go anywhere. It is enough to have a stationary computer (laptop) and Internet access. Payment for labor is made to an electronic wallet, which must first be registered. From it, money can be transferred to a bank card.

If not, you can order a card from the same e-wallet. To order it, you don’t even need to enter your passport data. The card “comes” by mail. You can pay with it in the same way as with any bank card. The only drawback is that for withdrawing cash, you will have to sacrifice a commission, which on average is 1-3% of the amount withdrawn.

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The most popular types to make money while studying are:

– Copywriting and rewriting,

– Call center operator,

– Partnership programs;

– Writing term papers and theses,

– YouTube channel,

– Website creation,

– Performing light tasks,

– Info business,

– Sale of promoted groups in social networks,

– Own website,

– Mobile applications and games,

– Own page on the social network.

– Playing online casinos like kiwi casinos.


Copywriting and rewriting

This is writing articles for order or for sale. Today in Russia copywriting involves writing your own article based on personal experience and knowledge. For example, a student studies in a specialty related to electrical networks. He can safely transfer his lectures from paper to electronic, and put them up for sale.

Author’s articles, information for which is collected from various sources. Rewriting is about rewriting other people’s articles from the Internet. It can be superficial, when the author changes each sentence, or deep – with a change in the structure of the article, adding additional information and formatting the text (subheadings and lists).

Partnership programs

The job is to attract customers to online stores, websites with a tourism theme and any other resources, the owners of which want to have real customers to implement their services and are willing to pay good money for this. To make money while studying, you can start your blog or create a group on a social network.

Collect subscribers and advertise the site, which you have become a partner. It is enough to install a banner with an active link to this resource (both are provided) and wait for potential customers to click on the advertisement and perform some action there (order a tour to an exotic country, buy something in a virtual store). You can find such a partner in any CPA network. Girls can advertise a store with women’s clothing, guys – with electronics and similar devices.

Call center operator

This is online consulting on a remote system. Online retailers, banking organizations, and taxi companies are eager to recruit home phone operators. The work is not difficult. All you need to do is pass a Skype interview and learn the organization’s standard phone phrases. You can earn from 2 to 3 thousand rubles per week at a fixed rate of 21 hours per week. The disadvantage of such a side job is that sometimes clients are rude, especially when it comes to cold calls (imposing services), so you have to be patient.

Writing term papers and theses

This is what I did at the university. Suitable for students who can easily “shovel” the necessary information and collect it into a beautifully designed work. Finding clients is not difficult, especially in a season when all students need such final work. There are many sites on the Internet where they look for authors for their term papers and theses. Prices are different, depending on the size of the work and its topic. There are assignments where you just need to add a term paper or diploma, adding several sections or a practical part to the theoretical one.

YouTube channel

Many are fascinated by filming and editing. I also have my own channel about remote earnings. To create your own YouTube channel, you need to decide on the topic of your videos. Even teenagers manage to earn from 50 to 5000 thousand dollars. But for this you need to monetize your brainchild, to make money while studying.

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First, the student uploads a lot of interesting videos to the channel and waits for 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours that they have watched. Secondly, become a partner of some CPA network (see the paragraph about affiliate programs) and insert the partner’s advertisement into your video (at the beginning or in the middle). But there is no time to make money while studying here because it will take not a single month to gain 1000 subscribers and make the channel really interesting.

Website development

Suitable for those students who like to design and invent, understand how to write a website on their own. If there is no such knowledge, and the desire to earn just so great, you can use free website builders. Practice on them and then offer webmaster services on any freelance exchange.

Performing light tasks

You can’t get much on this type of income. But there is enough money to top up your mobile phone account. First, you can participate in surveys – fill out questionnaires from different companies that are interested in the opinion of ordinary people.


This is the sale of electronic goods, which can be any training course. For example, “How to learn to read quickly?”, “How to plan your day wisely?”, “Life hacks to improve the performance of schoolchildren.” In addition to courses, you can sell instructions, webinars, audio courses, books, checklists and trainings. In order for the course to be truly useful to the listener, the student needs to choose a familiar niche in which he is well versed.

Selling promoted groups in social networks

Who will buy it? Businessmen who want their product or service to be on the Internet, not just offline. They are willing to pay a lot of money for communities with a “live” audience. If a student has a well-promoted public with 20 thousand subscribers, then he can safely put it up for sale for 5-6 thousand rubles. To quickly recruit an audience, you can use the SMM resource.

Own site

The site has long been a gorgeous platform for decent earnings. You need to devote your resource to your favorite topic, but you need to understand the topic of the site. A more simplistic option might be to create a blog and fill it with quality articles. A student can create a website without the slightest investment using free website builders. It is better to monetize it through affiliate programs, contextual and teaser advertising. You will have to spend only on hosting (site location) and domain (original name of the resource).

Own page on social network

On his page, a student can not only communicate with friends and view the news feed, but also earn money. First, you need to register on any of these resources. Secondly, become a partner by adding a link to your page to check its attendance, the number of friends and subscribers.

Thirdly, if it is popular enough, then after verification and approval, the student will need to join various groups, subscribe to news, like photos and pictures, post posts on his page, for which they can make money while studying. However, such a page can no longer be called a full-fledged one, because it will be filled with various advertising posts, the presence of which is checked. They cannot be deleted later. This page turns out to be purely working.


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