Study New Finds_ Air pollution from traffic linked to Brain cancer


While driving home to the office every day and while coming back, you inhale a lot of smog don’t you? However, the only thing that bothers you is the traffic conditions. Oh, God! So many vehicles lined up on your way. 

I wish that was the only issue troubling you. However, that is not the case. A new study has found out for the first time that excessive traffic can lead to brain cancer. Suddenly, reaching your destination on time in the least of your worries now!

Researchers have conducted this study at McGill University, and they have found out that airborne nanoparticles, generated from traffic, are one of the primary reasons for brain cancer.

Study New Finds_ Air pollution from traffic linked to Brain cancer
Study New Finds_ Air pollution from traffic linked to Brain cancer

The findings of the study were published in Epidemiology and went on to highlight that a year’s increase in pollution level can increase the chance of brain cancer by 10 percent. 

The lead of the study, Scott Weichenthal recommended people to avoid heavily congested roads while exercising outdoors. Although at an individual level, it is highly advisable to stay away from pollutants, measures must be taken to reduce the level of population for the mass as well. 

The research, based its findings on medical records of 1.9 million Canadian adults from the year 1991 to 2016. It found out that there is a constant link between the increasing level of population and resulting brain cancer.

All of this is linked to inhaling nanoparticles emitted by cars. However, to get the best results, the researchers took into consideration other cancer-causing factors like obesity and smoking. 

However, since this study was the first of its kind, the researchers have recommended other studies to come up so that the issue can be studied in detail and the findings can be duplicated. 

In light of the recent findings, it seems work from home is the best option. At least one would not fall sick by waiting in the car. 


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