Study tips for Class 8 Maths

Study tips

The subject of Mathematics has two extremities of students: students who enjoy and view the subject as fun and students who view the subject in terror and distaste. Unlike all other subjects, Mathematics is the language of numbers. For students, there is no common stance as to whether numbers can indeed be fun, but there have been a lot of student prodigies in Maths so far in the world. 

For students of class 8, Mathematics is the stepping stone to an even higher level of Mathematics. Their class 8 syllabus paves way for important concepts that are required as basics for their upcoming classes. Class 8 Maths is a fun and easy learning period in students’ life because this is the only subject that actually gives the students an opportunity to achieve a perfect score of 100.

This perfect score becomes easily achievable for students provided that they follow the correct strategic approach to make this possible. If not prepared properly to get in the right mindset for a Mathematics exam, students can confirm that they are about to have the biggest nightmare of their lives. In order to avoid this, the points given below are meant to highlight the very methods that would help students reach this perfect score:

  • Practice is the key to unlock this perfect score:

Maths cannot be aced any way other than constant and intensive practice because success in Mathematics does not come overnight. It is a result of a long journey of numbers, concepts, hard work, dedication, and most importantly, practice. So, practice is the key to whatever score students wish to score in their Class 8 exam.

  • Understand the syllabus and chapter-wise marks weightage:

There are a lot of websites on the internet which provide the syllabus of each class Mathematics and the chapter-wise weightage of marks. This can be very helpful for students because they can then focus and give stress on the chapters that are important and from which more questions are probable to appear in the question paper. 

  • Have an organized study plan:

Once the syllabus and chapter-wise weightage are thorough to the students, they can then plan their study method and study approach. Since the chapter-wise distribution of marks helps students distinguish the important chapters and the least important ones, the first priority in their study plan should be to study and cover the most important chapters from which the greatest number of questions can be asked. Then, they have to move onto those chapters which they feel they need to improve upon. Finally, the rest of the chapters need to be completed. 

  • Do not skip NCERT and its Solutions:

As the CBSE curriculum ensures that nothing comes out of the syllabus, the NCERT Maths textbook for class 8 should be the students’ top priority. Since the text fits and follows the syllabus perfectly, students need not fear questions being asked out of the syllabus because the question paper incorporates only the concepts and topics that are taught to students using the NCERT textbook. And with the help from the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths, the entire subject is simplified to the students. 

  • Be thorough with shortcuts, formulae, and theorems:

Maths is made up of the various formulae and theorems that it houses because, without these, there is no subject known as Mathematics. Every concept is developed on the basis of these theorems and formulae and being thorough with them is important if a student is to score well.

  • Make notes for revision:

As is the case with any subject, note-making is the most prominent tip that any person can offer students to help them with their studies. And as all students know, short and crisp notes lay the foundations of last-minute revisions, and for the class 8 Maths exam this tip can prove to be very effective and helpful.

  • Previous year and sample papers can be effective:

These papers are the reserves of questions that have been asked and almost repeated throughout the years. Thus, they are a great source for exam preparation and practice, as they can make students familiar with the pattern of the questions as well as give them insights into the different types and models of questions that are asked. 

  • Prepare a time management schedule:
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The time management process should start very early in life. Class 8 students can create their own schedule depicting the study timings and breaks through which they are going to complete their revisions for the exam. Taking proper breaks and resting sufficiently is necessary if students are to study and then write a stress-free exam.

  • Self-assessment matters:

The process of self-assessment gives students insights into their current level, skills, and capabilities in solving problems. This helps determine the students’ weak areas, strong areas, and other qualities which boosts their confidence as well as encourages them to improve even further.

  • Doubts should be non-existent:

If students come across any topic or any problem where they get stuck, do not leave the doubts hanging. Get the doubts solved as soon as possible because doubts are a degrading factor in the preparation for any exam. So, doubts should be non-existent such that students can score the exam with ease. 

  • Write and study:

The first point of practice that has been discussed should be exclusively done through writing. Practice for Maths does not mean reading through concepts and problems because that is absolutely useless. This subject is not like other subjects, so students have to practice the habit of writing while studying Maths.

These tips for students of class 8 are to help them with their Maths exam. Class 8 is almost as important as class 9 because the concepts introduced to the students form the basis for higher and more difficult topics. So, there should be a meticulous study of the subject by applying and making use of these tips such that students can achieve their perfect score and come out with flying colors. All the very best!


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