Super Mario 64 Land mode is Now available but there’s a problem


The Switch may now be hailed as Nintendo’s most innovative console of recent years but, back in the days, that title was briefly held by the Nintendo 64.

Often promoted because of the initial 64-bit play system, part of the console’s legacy were the games available for it, like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and, of course, Super Mario 64.

The latter is currently seeing a small revival, not through some Nintendo paid service, but through a free expansion mod titled, what else, Super Mario 64 Land.

Super Mario 64 Land mode is Now available but there’s a problem
Super Mario 64 Land mode is Now available but there’s a problem

More than simply a launch title for the Nintendo sixty-four, Super Mario 64 is remembered fondly for its open-world gameplay and freedom as well as being the first in the franchise to use absolutely 3D graphics instead of second sprites.

It was, after all, supposed to demonstrate the hardware chops of the new 64-bit system and it did so quite successfully.

Twenty-three years later, Super Mario modder Kaze Emanuar is breathing new life into the classic. Super Mario sixty-four Land guarantees thirty-two new levels, 8 new bosses, 75 music tracks, and much more. That “more” comes in new powerups that embrace, amusingly, a yellow catsuit.

As a fun, because it might sound, you will have to sweat out a bit to experience the new parts of the game.

As a mod, Super Mario 64 Land requires that you have a ROM of the original game to patch and run on an N64 emulator. A trivial task for a seasoned emulator gamer, not so much for a simple Super Mario 64 fan.

And, of course, there will always be the grey area of legal matters. Only time and lawyers can tell however long before Kaze is hit by a DMCA notice that Nintendo is kind of ill-famed for.

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Then again, currently that it’s out on the net, there’s no golf shot the Super Mario Catsuit back within the bag.


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