Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster Director offering any hero to join


Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan announced that he is available to the idea of expanding any character from the hero founded shooter to Super Smash Bros. Final, just before the game inaugurates on the Nintendo Switch on October 15.

In a meeting with IGN, when Kaplan was inquired about who among the Overwatch idols he would like to see on Super Smash Bros. Final, he was not shy in giving Nintendo its choice.

“To the Smash Brothers committee, whatever personality you want, we like them all. They are all our babies, you can possess any sole one of them. We have 31 to select from,” said Kaplan.

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However, when inquired if he had to grab one, Kaplan said that he would have to select Tracer. “Tracer is our girl, Tracer is our mascot. She would be my first option.”

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster Director offering any hero to join
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster Director offering any hero to join

It is simple to imagine how Tracer’s abilities in Overwatch will summarize to a 2D fighting game like Super Smash Bros. Absolute. Her Blink skill awards extreme mobility, and her Recall ability would have many dressings.

Her Pulse Bomb final skill could also easily be squeezed as a Final Smash, with explosions probably knocking adversaries off the stage.

Tracer appears like such an excellent fit for Super Smash Bros. Supreme, in fact, that there were even rumors that she was the fourth DLC character, but it arose to be Fatal Fury‘s, Terry Bogard. Kaplan, nonetheless, admits that there are “a lot of tremendous runners up,” encompassing the brawling style of Doomfist.

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Wes Yanagi, the main producer for the Nintendo Switch edition of Overwatch, sounded Kaplan’s choice of Tracer but included that Winston would also form a good addition to the war game.

Other Overwatch idols that may interpret well as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters comprise D. Va and the Self-Destruct of her mech, Genji along with his Dragonblade, Mei along with her Blizzard, and Reaper along with his Death Blossom.

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