Suzanne Whang : The famous “House Hunters” Host Dies at 56 After Cancer Battle


Cancer surely has taken away many more lives than what we can imagine. We do not even get to know about it usually. But it hurts when a star figure that has been close to our hearts gets taken away by cancer in a heartbeat.

This is what happened to the host of House Hunter who left us recently after having an intense battle with cancer.

The news of her death was confirmed by her partner, Jeff Vezain. Jeff Vezain confirmed that the 56-year-old host who had hosted the long-running real estate show from 1999 to 2007 had died.

Suzanne Whang : The famous "House Hunters" Host Dies at 56 After Cancer Battle
Suzanne Whang : The famous “House Hunters” Host Dies at 56 After Cancer Battle

She died on the night of Tuesday, at 7:20 p.m.

He wrote on a facebook post that, “Suzanne inhaled her final gasp here at home, as I stooped adjacent to her and stroked her. A lifetime of affection, experience, cleverness, and rapture presently lives in our recollections.

She had gone up against malignant growth with mental fortitude, cleverness, assurance and good faith. She was hugely supported by the affection for her family, companions and those she presently couldn’t seem to meet.”

He expressed that he was heartbroken by her demise and confessed his love for her. He also thanked all the fans for their heartfelt support to him and Suzanne.

He stated that” Your kind, adoring messages constantly lifted her spirits. I realize she would incline toward that her life be commended, instead of her passing grieved, however, I likewise know how intensely she couldn’t help contradicting anybody being told, ‘Don’t cry.’ So… cry maybe. I’ve been crying a LOT! What’s more, snickering… and everything in the middle. It’s everything parts of life, however chuckling was a staple of our dynamic.”

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Suzanne had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had been struggling with it for all. Her tumor had grown bigger and made her depart from the world on Tuesday night, leaving all her fans devastated.


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