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Snapchat Deepens AR Push With Lens Studio Update

Snapchat Deepens AR Push With Lens Studio Update

Snapchat has been the favorite of many due to its very high and perfectly augmented /reality. Trust us, when we say that the Augmented...
Corporate Gifts

5 Corporate GiftsTo Keep Your Company On Everybody’s Mind

Whether to appreciate the employee’s hard work or to establish a more prominent relationship with your clients, corporate gifts play a much crucial role...

The Two Towers And Return Of The King Arrives In Netflix This September, Here’s...

The weekend is around the corner and Netflix has already flashed the show you’re going to spend all weekend and for some, the excitement...
The Residents season 3 episode 9 : Spoilers

New Technologies Are Changing the Hardware Startup Landscape

Hardware product development used to take years to complete. The long cycle and the high entry barriers were some of the reasons why (at...
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