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Avengers Park At Disneyland! Here’s Everything You Should Know About It

The outgoing CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, after introducing new CEO Bob Chapek, made various announcements earlier today at Disney's annual...
Simon pegg accepts the role in Mission impossible 7

Apple Premieres Apple Watch Connected with Various Gyms

With an effort to get further into the fitness tech industry, Apple has launched the Watch Connected program with gyms to offer incentives motivating...
taboo season 2

Taboo season 2 | Release date, plot, spoilers, trailer, and more!

Taboo season 2: In the history of BBC One Network, Taboo is one of the highly-rated historical dramas of all time. Scott Free London...
Warner Bros FINALLY! breaks silence on Joker controversy- Here's full information

Warner Bros FINALLY! breaks silence on Joker controversy- Here’s full information

The studio has released its press statement in the aftermath of families of victims of an Aurora, Colo., theater shooting issuing the company a...
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