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Oscar Nominee 'Marriage Story': Divorce Shouldn't Feel Like a War

Oscar Nominee ‘Marriage Story’: Divorce Shouldn’t Feel Like a War

Consistently, somewhere in the range of five and 10 motion pictures vie for the Oscars' Best Picture trophy.It's the loftiest honor that the Academy...

What is International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction?

The International Day for Disaster-Reduction was observed across the globe on October 13, 2018, to promote a global culture of risk-awareness as well as...

Bottle Cap Challenge

Have you tried out the bottle cap challenge yet? Or wait, you haven't yet heard about it? If you fall in the second category, then...
Milla Jovovich and the first poster of 'Monster Hunter'

Milla Jovovich and the first poster of ‘Monster Hunter’

There's a film called Monster Hunter planned to be discharged this September 2020, in light of the computer game arrangement. It was composed and...
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