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Jessica- Simpson- Says- A- ‘Gold- Standard-’ is- set- by- Daisy- Dukes- for- body- that- she- could-n’t- escape

Jessica Simpson Says A ‘Gold Standard’ is set by Daisy Dukes for body that...

Jessica Simpson, the popular singer says, it's not just her voice but also her body that matters a lot while she is on the...

Florida and the Bahamas bracing for hurricane Dorian

On Monday morning, Hurricane Dorian entered the Bahamas and left all the residents in utter shock as it flooded the streets and splintered homes....

Marvel’s ‘Ms. Marvel’ Will Introduce MCU’s First Islamic Superhero

During the Marvel part of the Disney+ board at the D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center on Friday, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige...
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