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The summer 2020 fashion trends

2020 has been an interesting one so far. Even though spring is upon us and, in many places, it is already nice and warm...

Shenmue 3 finally out after waiting for Deacdes : Here’s everything to know

18 years when its predecessor was released, Shenmue 3 is out these days on the laptop. The third installment within the series continues the...
Imprint Hamill indicates Harry Styles appearance in 'Ascent of Skywalker'

Imprint Hamill indicates Harry Styles appearance in ‘Ascent of Skywalker’

Star Wars fans may be in for an extra treat in the new film - Mark Hamill teased that no one but Harry Styles...

13 Reasons Why: 5 Questions Makers Need To Answer In Season 4

Above all else in the event that you are not over with the third season yet, SPOILER ALERT!The third season, 13 Reasons Why was,...
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