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Maya Jama Left The BRITs Awards ‘Before Ex Stormzy’s Show Stopping Performance

 Maya India Jama born on 14 August 1994, Maya is a Radio Presenter and British television. She currently introduces a BBC Radio 1 show on...

Microsoft is using Minecraft to train New AI

Researchers at Microsoft have originated a brand-new artificial intelligence platform atop the hugely famous video game Minecraft.The platform, known as Dubbed AIX, hooks into Minecraft and allows...
Huawei debuts phone without Google apps as US sanctions bite ...

Huawei Mate 30: Series Launched Without Google Apps similar to US Sanctions Bite-Full specs...

Huawei is making history! The company is coming up with its version of Android, the basic code of which is the be provided by...
Xiaomi' Black Shark 2 — An affordable flagship gaming phone: Review

Xiaomi’ Black Shark 2 — An affordable flagship gaming phone: Review

Gaming phones are an ancient idea. Nokia released the N-Gage, which was like a phone built into a game controller, in 2003. And it didn’t...
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