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Microsoft Active Directory Beta: Google Cloud Unveils Managed services

The gap between on-premises and cloud access is bridged by Google Cloud’s new managed service. Among the deployed technologies, Microsoft Active Directory, an on-premise...

Google’s new Pixel book Go features leaked before Release: Leaked specs and details

Google’s new Pixelbook is unique in that it sports a textured bottom committee, which has thus far been interpreted as feeling like a “washboard”...
"Frienship Goals" Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels Gets Matching Arrow Tattoos

“Frienship Goals” Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels Gets Matching Arrow Tattoos

Some friendships are fleeting, while others stand the test of time, and though many people come and go from our lives, there are generally...

How to access the Android 10 Easter Egg

The way to access the Nougat Easter egg is just the same as you accessed Android Oreo. The actual game is yet more involving....
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