Tamron Hall return to TV and is ready to talk with America


Tamron Hall is far from a phoenix. With a reference to her as such, one is essentially implying that she’s rising from a career left in ashes, when in fact the opposite is the truth. Hall’s career was very much in balance when she decided to walk away. This is even before the house she helped fortify caught fire.

From 2007 to 2017, Hall was working for MSNBC and NBC News, and in 2014, she became the very first black woman to co-anchor “Today’s Take,” the third hour of the “Today” show. She was extremely successful in that role, particularly with longtime “Today” personality Al Roker at her side, that “Today’s Take” regularly beat all its competition in that time slot.

Kind of everyone knows what happened next though, even if you saw it happening from afar or lived some version of it yourself: In 2017, after years of hard work and great TRP, NBC had Hall replaced from her “Today” anchor slot to give the hour to Megyn Kelly, who the network lured over from Fox News.

Tamron Hall return to TV and is ready to talk with America
Tamron Hall return to TV and is ready to talk with America

It was then reported that NBC offered Hall a multimillion-dollar deal to stay with the network in what she has since called to be a lesser capacity, the veteran journalist decided instead to bet on herself, leaving her former employer to seek other alternatives.

With the arrival of “Tamron Hall,” which is being bankrolled by Disney–ABC Domestic Television, she’ll be massively adding to her responsibilities and she will be looking forward to it, for sure.

Hall’s talk series is modeled after conversational series like “The Phil Donahue Show” or “The Mike Douglas Show.” It will be a typical daytime talk series allowing the host and the audience to dig deep into the topic of the day with celebs, experts and engage in give-and-take conversations.

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