Taylor Swift provoked fans to go after her rivals : Here what happened Now!

Taylor Swift provoked fans to go after her rivals : Here what happened Now!
Taylor Swift provoked fans to go after her rivals : Here what happened Now!

Taylor Swift provoked wants the rights to her own music – and she can cross a moral line just to get it.

On Thursday afternoon, Swift asked his huge army of fans to liaise with music industry talent manager Scooter Braun and former label boss Scott Borchetta to tell him about his attempts to stop him from doing his old hits on TV “How do you make them feel”. Or use them in the upcoming Netflix documentary.

Of course, Taylor fans will need to know how to approach. So fans immediately started pairing, publishing Braun and Borchetta’s personal contact information – phone number and a physical home address – on Twitter.

More than a dozen people appear on Twitter dancing to Bron and Borchetta, but perhaps more will happen – the hashtag #IStandWithTaylor is currently trending worldwide, and Swift has added call-in-action to her Instagram stories Is also published.

Taylor Swift provoked fans to go after her rivals : Here what happened Now!
Taylor Swift provoked fans to go after her rivals: Here what happened Now!

The Verge has not confirmed the phone numbers and the address shared by fans is valid, but we will not publish their case.

While Swift’s note may seem reasonable at first glance, docking is an extremely serious matter because no “passionate” anonymous fanbase is telling what they can do with those phone numbers and addresses once exposed, And don’t bring them back. Bottle once they are on the internet.

This is not just potential harassment over the phone; People have died after being swapped, where someone calls a SWAT team to break into someone’s house by threatening a fake gun or bomb.

Both Twitter and Instagram have policies prohibiting docking, and we’ve contacted both to ask if they’ll leave Swift’s post on the Internet and what they’ll do about his controversial call-to-action.

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Instagram tells The Verge that it is adding posts containing personal information from Bron and Borchetta to a database that allows the company to automatically delete other attempts to post that information.

Instagram also tells us that Taylor’s designation does not violate his policies. A Twitter spokesman said “posting a person’s personal information without their permission is a direct violation of Twitter rules.”

On Friday morning, Big Machine Label Group responded to Swift on its website by stating, “Taylor made a unilateral decision last night to calculate his fanbase in a calculative way that greatly affects the safety of our employees and their families. ”

It may seem unfair that one of the world’s biggest pop stars does not have the right to master recordings of his music – which is about this fight – and cannot use it as he likes. It is an additional disappointment if Swift’s stories tell how true the wound of music is in Braun’s hands.

The last we heard, Swift thought she had another option to re-record her own original songs, saying she was still “looking ahead” to those photos – though she claims Is that Bron and Borchetta perform their American Music Awards and host the Netflix documentary until he gives the idea of ​​recording again.

“At no point did we say that Taylor couldn’t perform on AMAS or block Netflix,” Big Machine said in its response. “In fact, we don’t have the right to stop him from performing life anywhere.”

However, he is a little dodge; Swift never stated that Big Machine was trying to cancel her look, and the company’s statement evades the topic of whether it prevents Swift from displaying her old material.

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But now, she is effectively asking fans to go to war for her, in a way she cannot control, and it is dangerous


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