Technical Installation: The Future of Industry

Technical Installation Future of Industry

The pace of digital technology development is fast and ongoing and as new digital equipment replaces old analog machines, a new breed of logistics evolved; namely the white glove logistics sector. The healthcare industry has been seriously affected by the pandemic and this is one of many sectors the white glove logistics firm service. This involves the transportation, installation, and maintenance of technical equipment, which is a very complex business that demands a diverse range of skillsets. Let’s see about technical installation: the future of the industry.

Specialist Services

Typically, a white-glove logistics company would offer a wide range of services; such as,

  • Full Technical Installation – A large generator, for example, would require full technical installation, a service provided by Rhenus High Tech healthcare logistics specialists who cover the entire UK. The technicians would be certified to work on the equipment and would attend workshops to learn about new products; an essential aspect of their work.
  • Final Mile Delivery – When a new MRI scanner is ready to be installed at a hospital, this would be handled by the white glove team, who would arrange for the manufacturer to deliver the equipment at a nearby location. The white glove team would then handle every aspect of the project, including calibration and testing, ready for use and should there be any issues, the mobile team would return to diagnose the problem.
  • Data Centres – Whether creating a new data centre or relocating an existing one, the white glove technicians are manufacturer-approved and certified to work with the equipment. Every organisation needs to collect all of its critical business data and with a large company, this means building your own data storage facility. If you are in the process of setting up your own business, here are a few reasons to migrate all data to the cloud.
  • Reverse Logistics – When a piece of equipment needs to be returned to the manufacturer, the white glove team would dismantle and transport the equipment to an agreed location. This might include installing a new piece of equipment to replace the old one.
  • Asset Recovery – When a large company needs to replace all their IT hardware, this is a job for the white glove logistics company. They are authorised to dispose of WEEE and as far as installing new IT hardware, the white glove technician is certified to carry out such work. This may involve other equipment, outside of IT hardware and the technicians are certified to work with the equipment.
  • Hi-Tech Warehousing Solutions – Automation is now being introduced into warehousing and storage and when a business owner wishes to go automated, they would enlist the services of a white glove logistics company to set up the complex system and to maintain and repair the equipment.
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Next time you are in the city, take a look at the digital signage, all of which is installed by hi-tech logistics teams and as we move further into the digital dimension, the need for white glove logistics will increase.



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