Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant’ Brianna’s Romance With Jayden Takes A Surprising Turn

Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant' Brianna's Romance With Jayden Takes A Surprising Turn
Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant' Brianna's Romance With Jayden Takes A Surprising Turn

About each Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star’s sentiment finished during the Feb. 18 scene, and keeping in mind that a few parts could have been anticipated, others appeared suddenly and left us totally shocked. First off, Kayla and Luke appear to be on the stones effectively only half a month in the wake of moving to Iowa together.

During the current week’s scene, she turned out to be amazingly baffled after he approached his ordinary life — going to school classes and spending time with his companions — while she remained at home and dealt with their two youngsters.

She revealed to her companion that she felt pining to go home, so when Luke returned home, she shared her emotions and said she may wind up moving back home. He asked Kayla to give it to a greater degree a shot before “settling on such an extraordinary choice”, yet she appears to be really determined to moving back home. 

In the meantime, Brianna’s sentiment additionally got ugly. What’s more, by most noticeably terrible, we mean she’s presently single once more. Brianna had seen that Jayden was all the while conversing with his ex, whom he parted ways with only two weeks before he began dating Brianna, so stressed her.

Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant' Brianna's Romance With Jayden Takes A Surprising Turn

What’s more, when she imparted her interests to Jayden, Jayden expelled them and said he didn’t do anything incorrectly for her to try and feel that way. He likewise felt it was flawlessly ordinary to converse with his ex, yet she opposes this idea. So on the grounds that they couldn’t get over that obstacle, Jayden dumped Brianna. 

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Afterward, Kiaya attempted to adjust Teazha’s perspective on needing to fix their relationship, however, Teazha had just settled up with their sentiment. Unfortunately, Kiaya wouldn’t at first acknowledge that, and she asked Teazha — through tears — to give them another shot. Yet, at last, Teazha wouldn’t move, so Kiaya left weeping hysterically. 

At long last, Ashley took Holly to Los Angeles after Bar wouldn’t watch her, and Rachel’s ex, Drew, returned into the image. In any case, it was close to nothing and past the point of no return for Rachel, so she disclosed to him that he was unable to be in their child’s life until he began supporting the infant monetarily and really acting like a dad.

Goodness and Rachel likewise got distraught in light of the fact that Drew is currently dating her closest companion.


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