Tejano star Joe Lopez Finally returning to music after rape conviction


Joe Lopez helped to redefine the Tejo musical style in the 1970s and 80s, already a member of Grupo Maiz and then as a solo artist.

Mazz is a Tejano band which is originally from Brownsville, Texas. The band was known for its popular and innovative Cumbia of Tejo who created them apart from their counterparts.

Mazz became one of the most popular Tejano music bands during the 1990s golden era of the genre. Mazz won Latin Grammy Awards for 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and Best Tejano 2009 album, and in 2009, had the most wins for a Tejo musician.

But the Grammy Award-winning singer’s career was halted in 2006 when he was convicted of raping his 13-year-old niece.

Lopez was sentenced to twenty years in prison.

Tejano star Joe Lopez Finally returning to music after rape conviction
Tejano star Joe Lopez Finally returning to music after rape conviction

Lopez was released in March 2018, after serving 12 years of that conviction.
At the end of this week, he is trying to resume his singing career with the performance sold Friday in Houston.

Lopez on Saturday Richard M. Borchard will also perform at the fairgrounds. This performance was to be approved by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.

A condition of his parole after coming out of prison was that remains will not allow them in Harris County, where the victim in his case.

According to the Texas Board of Pardons and parole since his release from prison because of their satisfactory parole compliance, the situation has been completely revised for employment purposes.

Keara is who tried to speak with the event organizer and promoter of Lopez table concert, and he was not ready to comment.

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However, we’re prepared for a lot of people say that he is so excited about the return of Lopez’s music despite his past.

“Well, I think he deserves it, you know,” Maria Orobio said. “He needs to have completed their time so move forward and move on with your life and, you know, he does what he does – sing.”

“For me, things happen, I mean, he said it was not true,” fan Fred Villalobos said. “For me, I’m glad he’s coming back. Good music.”

Lopez is calling his musical comeback “The Freedom Tour”.
This story was originally published by Katherine McGinty on KRIS.


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