Tetris 99 Is Being Updated To Version 2.0, Includes More Modes And DLC


Tetris 99 is finally receiving an update. The new version that is, Version 2.0 adds Invictus mode and can only be played by those who have achieved maximum status in Tetris. It requires the player to get first place at least once in the game’s traditional mode which is online. Along with Invictus mode, there are many daily challenges too.

Once the player clears the missions, the player gets in-game tickets which can further be exchanged for custom themes. New player icons will also be added to the game. Besides this, a new form of content is coming for players who had previously purchased the Big Block DLC. Here’s the rundown, courtesy of the official Nintendo PR:
In 2P Share Battle mode, share Joy-Con controllers for a twin-player game against each other and the CPU. In Local Arena mode, friends can combine together in-person to fight via a

Tetris 99 Is Being Updated To Version 2.0, Includes More Modes And DLC
Tetris 99 Is Being Updated To Version 2.0, Includes More Modes And DLC

new local wireless multiplayer.

The second version of Tetris and its new paid version has been launched on 5th of September, 2019. You should definitely look forward to trying this new content. This version will be launched on Nintendo Switch. Now players will have a more active chance in getting the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tetris theme of their dreams. The Invictus mode will have other players who would have cleared the level. Players will also be able to hit certain milestones during the game.


Once the players have installed DLC, they can play local gameplays like eight-player arena mode and two-player Tetris 99. On September 6th, 2019, the physical edition of the same game which includes both DLC and twelve months of Nintendo Switched Online.

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Tetris 99 is a title game in which the players are required to match the tiles in a puzzle video game. It was developed by Arika and published by Nintendo.


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