The amazing new gadgets that will improve your home life in 2020

amazing new gadgets
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If you are into technology and the way it constantly progresses, then the modern world must be an incredibly fascinating time to be living in. As consumers, we are constantly exposed to various technological advancements. In fact, they are almost endless. 

The likes of satellite navigation systems have proved hugely popular, as has various activity trackers such as a Fitbit. Throw in the sophistication of our mobile phones, where gaming has progressed massively thanks to casino creations like the licensed online slots in the United Kingdom, alongside the emergence of VR gaming and augmented reality creations. We are just touching the surface here too, but essentially, we really are living in a golden age in terms of technological innovation. We are lucky, that is for sure.

Technology is improving in other areas too, with gadgets also coming on leaps and bounds in recent times. It is a space that is continually evolving also. So, without further ado, we thought we would go through several amazing new gadgets that will improve your home life this year. 


Neck pain is one of the most common among us human beings, especially if we spend our days hunched in front of a computer or sleeping awkwardly. If you suffer from neck pain, then a portable neck massager could be the solution. The NeckRelax aims to relax your muscles by combining ultrasound technology with infrared heat and electro stimulation to help with any tightness and tension you might be suffering from in that area. If you need quick pain relief for your neck, then the NeckRelax is a great option.

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Wearing a watch to track your exercise is a popular trend these days, especially with people who like to keep fit. They are not always cheap though, which is exactly why OshenWatch is expected to grow in popularity this year. At the time of writing, purchasing the watch costs just $50, which is a bargain compared to similar products of its type. The watch also monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, distance covered, and calories burned, alongside a whole host of other features. It also connects through Bluetooth, meaning you can take calls and send messages at the same time. A perfect device to keep up to date with your fitness and wellbeing while you juggle home life, OshenWatch is excellent. 

Sterilize X

Keeping your home completely sterile and clean is vital in today’s world, which is exactly why devices like the Sterilize X are on the rise. The device will sterilise an entire room at the touch of a button thanks to its super-strong UVC flashes which kill bacteria. Pretty cool, right? 


There is nothing worse than a cheap pair of nail clippers that simply are not up to the task of chopping down your long nails. That is where the ClipperPro comes in, with its surgical grade steel, swivel blades and lovely, solid ergonomic handle which is easy to grip hold of and get those pesky nails off. You get what you pay for and the ClipperPro is much better than any cheap alternative out there. In fact, there is no comparison. 


Back pain is a huge issue in society, which is exactly why inventions such as MindInSole are ideal. When walking, MindInSole fits easily into the inside of your shoe and provides relief to your feet thanks to its combination of ancient reflexology with modern technology which aims to provide 400 different acupoints of relief to your sore feet. MindInSole is also known to improve circulation and has helped millions of people already, especially those affected by health issues such as plantar fasciitis.

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