The Amazing New ‘Master Chief’ Figure Is Now Up For Pre-Order From The Original ‘Halo’


The Amazing New ‘Master Chief’ Figure Is Now Up For Pre-Order From The Original ‘Halo’

A prototype toy of Master Chief from the original ‘Halo’ was released earlier in June. It has been designed by Junji Okubo and it looks amazing. At the 1/12 scale, the figure will come with a lot of accessories and a covenant energy sword. It will also include the MA5B assault rifle and two M6D pistols.

For all those who are aware of their Japanese toys also know about their T-Rex and that its design will also be very much likable. Okubo has already made T-Rex toys for f Izmojuki toys for 1000toys and they were, undoubtedly, amazing. This is the reason that the Master Chief is also expected to be a brilliant figurine.

The Master Chief will be 18 cm in height and 500 g in weight. It is a small and easy-to-carry toy. Okubo has amazingly done the work in copying original Mjolnir Mk.V armor from the first Halo.


For the things we think might exist, Okubo brilliantly brings them into existence. Pre-orders for this Master Chief is now open. It is priced at $125 and expected to release in April, next year.

Halo is a science fiction shooter video game, a subsidiary of Xbox Games. Its genres include first-person shooter, twin-stick shooter, real-time strategy and arcade game. It is available for Xbox, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Xbox 360, Windows Phone, iOS, Xbox One, and Arcade. It was first released on November 15, 2001.

Master Chief is the main character in the video game, Halo. It is a playable character in the first-person shooter game. It was created by Bungie. It is a nice game and Master Chief is an interesting character.

If you are into Halo, then this is the perfect figure for you.


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