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Searching for good crypto exchange, a beginner may face many difficulties. Some services are hard to understand and customize, others charge high fees and impose hidden commissions, and some are not credible. 

This article will try to highlight several crucial criteria of a credible crypto exchange for novices.

To begin with, let’s talk about daily trade volume. The more operations are conducted on a particular exchange a day – the higher its trade volume. In this respect, we can mention Binance – the most common crypto platform with a daily trade volume of over $17 billion. 

The next crucial thing to pay attention to is the fee policy. The average fee in the market is 0,1%. Before starting to work with a particular service, it is recommended to check the fee policy.

Next is the number of crypto assets available. Every exchange offers a different number of crypto pairs.

Another important thing is usability. Many popular crypto exchanges are suitable for experienced users because they offer complex trading tools that a beginner might find hard to handle. WhiteBIT is probably the best crypto exchange for beginners. It offers a convenient interface and easy-to-handle application that can be customized for the users’ needs. 

The next thing to evaluate is the level of safety. Investment is always a risk. So when entrusting funds to the exchange, users should necessarily check its credibility – the way the exchange stores assets, the level of protection, two-factor authentication, offline storage, etc. 

Good crypto exchanges that correspond to the criteria listed above:

  • Binance
  • WhiteBIT
  • Coinbase
  • Kuna
  • OKEx
  • Huobi
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Let’s talk about a young exchange WhiteBIT.

A good crypto exchange WhiteBIT

Even though the company is young, it has already demonstrated solid work and credibility. The platform operates under European jurisdiction and complies with AML standards.

The exchange suggests users configure a two-factor authentication to protect their accounts from third parties. 96% of clients’ assets are safely stored offline so that no hacker can reach them. 

The WhiteBIT app is incredibly user-friendly; everyone can adjust it for one’s liking, customizing services and tools.

The platform offers over 400 trading pairs and the opportunity to buy crypto with fiat currencies through bank cards, which is important for beginners. 

The fee charged for transactions on WhiteBIT is average – 0,1%. 

WhiteBIT trading volume reaches $742 million. 


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