The Best Deals on Robot Vacuums For Labour Day 2019


For all those who are obsessive about cleanliness and want your home to be spick and span clean, here is great news for you. 

We appreciate your tremendous efforts and back-breaking work you do to keep each nook and corner of the house dust-free but to provide you a bit of comfort and ease your work, we get to the best deals on Robot Vacuums. With Labour Day, just around the corner, Amazon and iRobots have slashed their prices on robot vacuums so that you can invest in them, and make your work easier by manifolds.

These Robot vacuums are quite literally, one of the best works of technology. All you need is a phone and a robot vacuum and you are done. You can easily sit back and relax while the robot does everything to clean your house, even in the most inaccessible corners. You need to just program the robot via the mobile app and relax. 

Among the many products, here we bring to you some of the selective, but best robots that are worth their price. 

iRobot Roomba 690

It has 2 models to its display, namely s9+ and i7+. These are the topmost robot cleaners that are topping the charts of the survey. Its suction system is extremely powerful and can pick up all dust, even the ones that you might be missing. 

Priced at $499 has been slashed down by $200. 


iRobot Roomba 890

Almost the same as iRobot 690, but with an additional feature which is surely the one investing in. In addition to suction power like the i7+, it also has the intelligence to detect dirt. This enables it to reach out and suck clean the corners which you might have missed or not planned it for. Priced at $399 has been slashed down by $100. 



Samsung Powerbot R7

It has the most appreciating design. It has been designed in such a way that, it can never get stuck under any of your low lying furniture and make its way through it. Additionally, it also has a camera that helps it avoid banging into any obstacles that may come it’s way. 


If you had been planning to invest in a cleaning robot, it is time. The prices have gone down remarkably and there is absolutely nothing more you might need. They have been incorporated with everything possible and makes your lot easier. 


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