The Best Fly Fishing Lodges in Patagonia: 5 Must-Have Features


The best fly fishing lodges in Patagonia all have several features in common, and they’re truly breathtaking. But as a tourist, how do you know which one is the best? There are literally hundreds of lodges to choose from. How do you decide? After all, you’re traveling to Patagonia for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so you want to do it right. Keep reading to learn the 5 must-have features to look for to make your trip extraordinary.

1. History & Style

Patagonia is a region that spans both Chile and Argentina. When you’re looking for the best fly fishing lodges in Patagonia, keep in mind these two very different cultures. 

The Patagonia Chile fly fishing lodges balance natural beauty with modern innovations. Some are powered off-grid by their own solar panels and windmills. Others have award-winning architectures and are built into nature itself. 

Patagonia Argentina fly fishing lodges usually are more intimate and tend to give an historic feel, as some of them were built in 1900.

Whether you’re looking for modern or rustic, Patagonia has something for you so choose Chile or Argentina and move to the next feature!

2. Fish. Lots of Fish.

The best fly fishing lodges in Patagonia are all about the fish! You can find weekly releases of 20-lb sea-run brown trout to plentiful runs. 

Check your prospective lodge’s website for information on their local and specialty fish. Because Patagonia has extremely varied ecosystems, not all lodges give you access to every species. The wild, unique experience of fishing some of the most exciting freshwater fish anywhere on earth is in Patagonia. 

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3. Off-Grid Fishing Adventures

Some lodges feature heli-fishing – they will fly you to streams so remote the fish have never seen a fly or angler. 

One-on-one guides for day trips are very common. Make sure your lodge offers this option so you can create your own perfect day. Local guides are worth their weight in gold and can point you to the best spots on the water. From trolling to spinning to fly fishing, you are limited only by your lodge and your imagination.

4. Hotel Amenities

When you’re fly fishing Patagonia Chile or Argentina, you may want a break from the water. 

A massage can be the ideal way to round off a perfect day of acrobatic catches. The best fly fishing lodges in Patagonia also provide sumptuous lunches, sightseeing excursions, and full spa treatments. Hiking, birding, trekking, kayaking, and rafting are available for your non-angler family members. 

And don’t forget the fishing gear. Whatever lodge you choose should have backup gear or a place to restock, repair, or try something new. Check their policies and call ahead to make an equipment reservation if needed.


5. Breath-Taking Scenery

Patagonia includes over 1,000 miles from north to south in Chile alone. The northern section has a dry desert while the southern landscape changes from wilderness and mountains to fjords, forests, and lakes. Glaciers, steppes, and grasslands with more rivers and lakes than you can count. Imagine fly fishing at the base of a volcano. Or in the Rio Grande. Or with the Andes as your backdrop. 

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Because of these varied locations, pack for the climate wisely. And remember that peak fishing season in Patagonia is November through April.

On your quest for the perfect Patagonia fly fishing lodge, first, decide what kind of experience you’re looking for. Choose your dream fish and search for lodges specializing in that. Then your ideal location. Modern or rustic? Completely off-grid or city day trip optional? When you find the lodge with the right style, fish, adventures, amenities, and landscape, book it immediately. 

There aren’t many ways to go wrong fishing in Patagonia but with these 5 categories in mind, you’ll score the perfect fly fishing vacation.


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