The Best Knife for Your Gloves — Butterfly Fade


Kill your enemies in style using a classy butterfly knife in CS:GO! Fade is one of the most attractive and valuable looks for your weapon. Here are the main things to know about this design, from the color palette to price, in 2022. 

Butterfly Fade

History of the Skin

This skin has been used in CS:GO since 2014. It was originally released at the beginning of Operation Breakout as part of the corresponding weapon case. Due to its rarity, the Butterfly Fade is classified as Covert. It has basic and StatTrak versions, but supply is very limited at the moment. 

Like other weapons from the “Fade” series, this skin will look great with gloves such as:

  •  Fade (specialist gloves),
  •  Pandora’s box (sport gloves),
  •  Crimson Kimono (specialist gloves).

Description of the Pattern

If you like bright translucent colors, you will appreciate this look. The chromed blade of the knife shows gradient transitions of translucent colors — orange, pinkish-red, and purple. Red inserts on the unpainted handle complement the design.

Knives with different pattern indexes look differently. The most valuable variation in the game is called “Full Fade” or “100% Fade”. It has the most purple on the tip of the blade. Other options are “Fake Full Fade” (“99% Fade”) and “98% Fade”. 

Effect of Float

The Butterfly Fade has only two available conditions, as its float value varies from 0.00 to 0.08. You can buy either a Factory New or a Minimal Wear item. The latter has more scratches and abrasions on the cutting edge of the blade, but the difference is insignificant. Due to its scarcity, you may not be able to obtain the most valuable pattern index. 

Overview of Prices 

Unfortunately, according to Steam Analyst, no recent offers for the Butterfly Knife Fade are available on Steam. However, you can get a Factory New item in the basic or StatTrak version on DMarket. These cost around $1,420 and $1,800 respectively. 

Where to Buy

In recent years, Steam’s competitors have gone from strength to strength. However, the official community managed by Valve does not always offer the best prices. As our analysis shows, it is also missing some popular skins. 

The biggest drawback is the closed-loop environment: sellers have no opportunity to withdraw their earnings. To make a tangible profit, they turn to alternative marketplaces with flexible policies. If you want to become part of the gigantic in-game economy, look beyond Steam.

DMarket does not only have attractive prices for Fade Butterfly Knife, it offers over 1 million other skins with secure transactions, 24/7 support and a sleek mobile app. Like other independent platforms, it will connect to your Steam account to enable transactions. Over 10 million deals have been completed so far.


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