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Mind Map Maker Online

Whether in life or work, we may use related mind map tools such as Getflowchart Mind Map, which can express divergent thinking simply and effectively, and use divergence to show the relationship between topics at all levels. Establish a memory connection between keywords at all levels of content, colors, graphics, etc., and make full use of the left and right brain functions to assist and enhance the producer’s logical thinking and imagination abilities, thereby developing the potential of the brain.

You can draw a mind map maker online in two ways: 1. Use pen and paper to draw; 2. Use a mind map tool such as Getflowchart Mind Map. The pen and paper method requires you to physically draw your ideas on paper, which is very limited. On the other hand, mind mapping maker can automatically complete the entire process. It ranges from simple brainstorming applications to complex charts and data visualization tools.

The benefits of using tools to draw mind maps:

  1. Unlimited paper size
  2. Reorganize ideas easily with simple drag and click
  3. You can work with your team 

How to Make the Mind Map You Want?

  1. Establish a center point
  2. Add branches
  3. Add images and colors

When making a mind map, you must first establish a center point, and extend the lower-level content based on the range of this center point, and the range of the lower-level content cannot exceed the range of the center point. In addition, you can also use mind map templates to make mind maps easier and faster. The function of the template is that when you have no idea about a certain topic content, you can directly use the template or learn from the production ideas in the template to transform it into your own content.

What Are the Advantages of Mind Map?

  1. Establishing a mind map can help people conduct a systematic analysis of the problem they are thinking about, and help find the key factors to solve the problem.
  2. The mind map uses keywords to record. Compared with the sentence record, you can put more energy on thinking, allowing you to quickly understand and remember the content, thereby saving time.
  3. Mind maps are used in a wide range of fields, such as reading notes, meeting key points, etc.

Getflowchart Mind Map supports online creation of mind maps, providing one-click export of mind map files and cloud storage services, no matter when and where, you can build knowledge and ideas in an orderly manner with only one browser, and synchronize updates across terminals. Unconstrained by equipment, you can get creative and capture inspiration anytime, anywhere.

In addition to the classic layout, it also provides multiple types of templates, such as logic diagrams, tree-like group diagrams, bubble diagrams, causality diagrams, fishbone diagrams, etc., making it easier to use with one click. While Getflowchart provides a large number of professional and high-quality templates, it also gives each user plenty of creative space. Through simple operations, you can easily and quickly draw a very personal style mind map, what you think is what you draw.

What Can Getflowchart Mind Map Do for You? 

  1. Organize personal ideas
  2. Analyze everyone’s thoughts
  3. Create memory connections
  4. Creative brainstorming

All users can use mind maps for brainstorming, collect and organize the inspiration and ideas of team members, mark different ideas with different fonts and background colors, and then edit and save them. Files can be formatted and exported as JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF, HTML, XML and XSD. If you need to share at any time, you can also set a password and expiration date to ensure document security. In order to prevent file loss, Getflowchart will automatically save the file every 30 seconds and store it in the cloud.


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