The Best Mystery Game

Mysticism. It’s hard to give it a clear definition. It can include all genres whose names at least hint at something strange. It all started in the ’90s when no one knew about the TV series “The X-Files.” But after its release, all movies, books, and video games with supernatural elements, but which do not measure up to the real horror, are classified as a mystery. Many games in our list are also available for the Xbox, so it is worth choosing one of the top 10 Xbox one controllers. Here we will talk about the best mystery game in the genre of adventure with mystical elements. So, let’s begin.

Blair Witch

1990s, the same woods from the cult movie. A private detective sets out to find a missing boy, but soon some devilry begins to go on around him. A journey fraught with screamers and hallucinations leads the hero to the house of the witch of their Blair. But what is this – manifestations of the supernatural or games of the inflamed mind?

Blair Witch game from the creators of Layers of Fear was not perfect. It is uneven in some places and frankly disappointing in others. But the authors did a good job on the atmosphere and the environment. You will fully feel the effect of the presence in the enchanted forest.


The Federal Bureau of Control is an extremely mysterious organization that investigates cases involving the paranormal. When it is invaded by creatures from another world, a girl named Jessie Fayden becomes humanity’s last hope for salvation.

Remedy Studios, which developed Control, filled the game with quotes and references to The X-Files and the SCP Network Encyclopedia, resulting in a mystical and frightening adventure for players. The game, incidentally, hints at the events of Alan Wake, developed by the same studio – and based on these, Alan Wake’s story isn’t over yet.

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The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters

This terrifying tale of high school demons continues. You will have to explore the corridors and classrooms of the school and even escape beyond its walls as an entire city district is now at the mercy of evil supernatural forces.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

An entertaining mystical detective, whose protagonist gets killed in the first minutes of the game. Now, as a ghost, he has to investigate his own murder. As well as help the restless souls of the town of Salem, who died under different circumstances.

In some aspects, Murdered: Soul Suspect feels like a bad game. There’s a completely unnecessary combat system, and some of the characters are annoying. Nevertheless, it’s not a bad opportunity to get under the skin of a ghost and immerse yourself in an exciting investigation.


The Dishonored series universe is nothing but mystery. Supernatural powers, otherworldly creatures, and dark stories. And every game in the series is a perfect immersive sim, with full immersion in the world, freedom of choice, and an amazing variety of gameplay situations. If you still haven’t played the original game, sequel, and additions, we highly recommend filling that gap.


Released on 7 discs, Phantasmagoria is the epitome of interactive movies of the mid-90s. The game was released in 1995, and due to the great amount of sexual content and horror elements provoked a controversy regarding the age limits. Because of all the hype, Phantasmagoria justly deserved bestseller status.

Playing it now is not so interesting. The gameplay is unimpressive, and all the action looks “wooden,” not to mention the weak script. You can say that Phantasmagoria did not pass the test of time. 

Gemini Rue

Gemini Rue has been described by critics as a fine return to its graphic adventure roots. And the noir cyberpunk story once again confirmed that indie studio Wadjet Eye Games has earned its success. The game was released in 2011, and its retro style can be traced in everything, from the graphics to the gameplay mechanics. The main action takes place in the 23rd century, and the sci-fi narrative has a lot of unexpected plot twists.

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The gamers love it not only for its interesting gameplay and story but also for its graphics, which make it look like a classic retro adventure. Gemini Rue is a point-and-click quest in which you move between locations, collect various items, talk to NPCs and solve puzzles.

Her History 

Her Story is an indie game developed and published by Sam Barlow. The gameplay is about finding and watching video clips of a real-life actress, which in the story are recordings of Hannah Smith’s interrogation that help solve the mystery of her husband’s disappearance.

Given that the gameplay consists of watching videos, Her Story would more properly be called an interactive movie. As for length, the full playthrough doesn’t take very long; it lasts for about 3 hours.

After the game’s success, Sam Barlow began work on a new project, Telling Lies, which is the spiritual successor to Her Story. Yet, it met controversial feedback from the community upon its release.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake was originally developed by Remedy Entertainment (who worked on Max Payne) as a temporary exclusive on the Xbox 360. The game was then transferred to the PC. The story centers on the writer Alan Wake, who has to solve the dark secrets of the small town of Bright Falls. For this kind of game on the Xbox, we suggest you get acquainted with the Fusion controller

At night, his wife goes missing, and the protagonist begins to be pursued by possessed people. While the plot is full of mystery, Alan Wake’s gameplay is action-packed.



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