The Brutal Diet Of Zach Schor While Shooting ‘Hunters’

The Brutal Diet Of Zach Schor While Shooting ‘Hunters’
The Brutal Diet Of Zach Schor While Shooting ‘Hunters’

Actor Zack Schor has had to undergo a tremendous weight loss of 9 kg in 20 days to play his role in ‘Hunters’, the new That plot of the past invites the series to have enough flashback scenes set in the 1940s in Auschwitz.

Zack Schor is Meyer Offerman, the youngest version of the character that plays Al Pacino, and his scenes are mostly developed during those flashbacks in Auschwitz. To embody this character, Schor has had to undergo a very strong physical transformation. His initial goal was to lose 15 kilos, a complicated loss in itself that for the actor was even more arduous because before the change he presented a very muscular body frame.

“It was incredibly personal to be part of this story, and I knew that what I contributed physically would be most very important,” said Zack Schor. “I wanted people to see what this character went through, I wanted them to feel uncomfortable when they saw me on the screen.” Finally, he did not achieve the goal of 15 kilos, but he did lose 9 kilos in 20 days.

As it did? Along with a drastic decrease in food, I ran about 3 kilometers a day on a treadmill – sometimes several times a day. This is not a weight loss regimen that should be copied by anyone, but Schor regular basic consulted his weight loss with a doctor.

After filming, the actor regained his weight and muscle mass gain. He explained that he gradually increased his caloric intake and that it took him six weeks to lift weights again since he first had to regain his central strength. However, although the process was tough, Zack Schor said he is extremely happy to have done it: “With this role, it was vital for me to go as far as I could with him. “


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