The Challenges of Fighting an Insurance Company Without a Lawyer


Insurance companies have regulations under which they operate. However, sometimes you may fail to agree with your company and feel that your rights have been violated. Fighting it could be the only solution in such situations, but it may not be an easy process without a lawyer. 

You may wish to fight your insurance company alone, but before deciding, you should consider the density of your claim. This necessitates hiring a lawyer in cases that involve deaths, severe accidents, and hospital negligence.

Lawyers play a significant role during such times, and when you choose to do without them, you may experience some of these challenges with an insurance company:

1. Negotiating for your claim can be ineffective

Various matters like medical malpractices need negotiation with the insurance company of interest. The negotiation can be handled perfectly with the help of a lawyer because it is a complex activity. Without a lawyer, you cannot know what is best for you.

2. The company can deny your claim

Without the help of a lawyer, your claim may fail to meet the expected criteria. Some of the things the company looks at include coverage, bad faith, and insurance fraud. When your claim does not have these features, the insurance company you are dealing with can easily reject it.

3. You may not be well equipped with legal advice

A lawyer is responsible for providing legal advice that will help you at different stages in your quest for compensation. When you don’t have one, it is clear that you can lack the right counsel for handling your case.

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4. The process can be tiring

A lawyer helps you through different processes like compensation of losses and damages. However, instead of doing these alone, the lawyer can do it on your behalf, thus saving you from fatigue and delays.

5. You may experience a delay in your case

When you don’t have a lawyer, the insurance company may take longer to attend to your claim because there is no one to defend you and help speed up the process. 

Bottom Line

As this blog says, an insurance company will try to reduce the compensation amount however they can. So, it is important to get help to negotiate with an insurance company. Hiring a lawyer is the perfect decision you can make in a personal injury case. In addition, you can apply some of the following tips:

  • Keep all the records of your vehicle, including pictures and receipts.
  • Ensure you preserve all emails and phone conversations with their dates. In addition, include the names of the company’s representatives. 
  • Take pictures of your vehicle immediately after an accident occurs. 
  • Ensure honesty in all incurred expenses and record them.
  • Adhere to the time limit in which you should report your claim. 
  • Acquire a police report for the car accident. 

There are several insurance providers in the industry, and to find the best, you need to consider aspects like their terms of service and policies. As you seek compensation for damage and loss from your insurance provider, remember that it may take longer than expected if you don’t have legal representation.

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If you feel delay and frustration from your service provider, it would be better to involve a lawyer.


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