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The Christmas Chronicles 2
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When you say “Christmas,” many things come to mind. However, the most significant one is “family.” That’s right! There’s one day when the entire family comes together for all the love and joy. Every second of this day demands it together. Thus, for you all, The Christmas Chronicles 2 is coming this November 2020. This film is going to brighten your day with adventure and love for Santa.

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On this day, everything starts and ends with an enjoyable “HO! HO! HO! However, what if someone tells you that there’s a Christmas-troublemaker around you? Well! That’s a bummer. And, this troublemaker will go beyond to destroy everyone’s Christmas vibe! In that case, without a doubt, everyone would want to know how this story ends? Don’t worry. You will get to know the climax soon. Because this is the plot of the Christmas Chronicles 2, coming soon on Netflix. 

Today, we will tell you about the most-awaited adventurous family-pack film of the year: The Christmas Chronicles 2. We have got some fascinating details for you. So, hold your ‘ho! Ho! Ho! And let’s get started on the film spree: 

When is the Christmas Chronicles 2 coming out? 

Initially released on November 22, 2018, The Christmas Chronicles first had hit the box office with millions of fans. The film concept touched every Christmas lover and enhanced the festival spirit within every household in the United States. Well! Our readers will be surprised to know that this year, too, The Christmas Chronicles is returning with a sequel. Furthermore, its release is not very far. Indeed, you must start the countdown because the Christmas Chronicles 2 release date has been set for November 25, 2020. Is your heartbeat getting faster already? Wait till you watch the trailer below: 

The film has directed and written by Chris Colombus. Here are the cast details:

Who are all in the cast of the Christmas Chronicles 2? 

  • Kurt Russell (Role: Santa Claus / Saint “Nick” Nicholas)
  • Judah Lewis (Role: Teddy Pierce)
  • Darby Camp (Role: Kate Pierce)
  • Kimberly Williams-Paisley (Role: Claire Pierce)
the Christmas chronicles release date
  • Jazhir Bruno (Role: Jack)
  • Tyrese Gibson (Role: Claire’s boyfriend)
  • Goldie Hawn (Role: Mrs. Claus)
  • Julian Dennison (Role: The Belsnickel)
  • Darlene Love

Here’s a fun fact: Clay Katis directed the Christmas Chronicles original. However, for the second installment of the film, the mentioned director dropped out for unknown reasons. Although, here’s a bit about the Christmas Chronicles first. 

About the Plot of the Christmas Chronicles

The first part of the Christmas Chronicles follows the storyline of Kate and Teddy. The two siblings are very excited about Christmas. However, I got to know very disappointing news. Apparently, this Christmas, the town will be a mess as a Christmas troublemaker is running around for the worst to happen. As major Christmas lovers, the two siblings take the matter into their hands. However, realize later that it’s not as simple to find and stop this Christmas-hater from his bad deeds. Luckily, the siblings come across a jolly Santa Claus who joins the siblings on the journey of saving Christmas. 

season 2 of the Christmas chronicles
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Rumors are the plot of the Christmas Chronicles 2 is as similar. However, with much bigger problems for Kate as she is a hard-bitten teenager now. Apart from this, a lot has changed in the life of Kate’s mother: Claire. She has a boyfriend and wants to spend this Christmas with both families together. Without a doubt, as a teenager, Kate is enraged at her mother for her decision. She leaves the house. Once again, Santa Claus and Kate get together to stop The Belsnickel from destroying Christmas. 


Hence, send all the invitations out for a home theatre event at your house to your family and get your Netflix recharged. Because the Christmas Chronicles 2 release is very close, and, if I were you, I wouldn’t want to miss a single glimpse of Kurt Russells as Santa Claus. Bookmark us for spoiler updates!


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