The Contrast Between Electric & Gas Hot Water Systems

The Contrast Between Electric & Gas Hot Water Systems

In every home, a good hot water system is essential. Everyone needs a sufficient supply of hot water in their houses, whether it’s summer or winter. Who would enjoy taking a freezing shower in any season? However, there are other benefits to having a hot water system as well. Water is also necessary to wash our clothes and dishes, among other things. Furthermore, homeowners must understand that the hot water system contributes significantly to preventing drain clogs.

Can you tolerate cold showers in your bathroom? If you can’t and want to adjust the temperature of your water system, keep reading to find out which hot water system is ideal and what to get.

Two Main Types 

There are two types of hot water systems. The first one is called the gas hot water system, which is known to be installed easily. The other type of hot water system is called the electric hot water system, which is known to be ecological.

To easily know the advantages and disadvantages of the two main types of hot water systems, we have contrasted both so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Advantages & Disadvantages: Gas Hot Water System

A gas water heater, as the name implies, is a water heating system that relies mostly on natural gas for fuel. This type of system has been uncommon until recently but is growing in popularity because of a variety of advantages like quick heating and low operating costs.

Consider calling a qualified plumber to install your hot water system if you want a gas water heater. The continuous flow system, often known as a tankless heating system, is the most popular choice among homeowners. It is a system that continuously provides hot water by having water flow through the use of a hot pipe. Adding it is also inexpensive. The alternative type is a tank system or a traditional gas water heater, which costs more upfront but is quite inexpensive over time. 

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The following are among the benefits of a gas hot water system.

Fast Heating

Electric water heating systems are just half as quick as gas water heaters. This is because, in comparison to the electric-heated model, a greater volume of water can be heated to a specific temperature in a shorter length of time. They are perfect for larger families because they have a very high recovery rate.

Cheaper Operational Costs

Gas is less expensive in Australia than electricity. Because of this, using natural gas to heat water is more affordable in cities like Brisbane.

Hot Water Without Power

Even with power outages, there is hot water going to flow through your pipes. One of the benefits of a gas water heater is the assurance of a steady supply of hot water, even in the event of a power outage.

Clean Water Availability

Tankless gas water heaters have the ability to heat and boil water from pipes, thereby purifying it. These heaters also do not gather rust or hard minerals, resulting in clean water. Storage gas water heaters that acquire rust or mineral deposits, on the other hand, may be properly maintained to alleviate the issue.


The following are some of the disadvantages of a gas hot water system.

High Startup Costs

The startup expense is rather substantial. Even if they are cost-effective to operate in the long term, you must pay a significant sum of money to set up the system.

Complicated Installation

Installing a gas heater requires a complicated process. Since most natural gas and LPG installations are complicated, they are more expensive than electric water heaters.

Risky Systems

An explosion is a possibility with a gas water heater system. Consequently, regular maintenance is essential to maintain the system secure.

Advantages & Disadvantages: Electric Hot Water System

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Electric water heaters heat water using electricity, as the name implies. These water heaters’ popularity can be attributed in part to the fact that they are simpler to use than gas heaters. These water heaters just use electricity, so you don’t have to bother about turning on the gas to start the heating.


The advantages of an electric hot water system are as follows.

Convenient and Efficient

You do not have to worry about turning on the gas as it uses electricity only. This type of heater does not take up a lot of space in your home, thus saving space, and it won’t matter if you live in a smaller area.

Simpler and Cheaper Installation

An electric water heater is easy to install because you don’t need to set up venting for exhaust gases.

Power Source

Any house that is wired into the electrical system can use an electric water heater.

Assured Hot Water Supply

You will never run out of hot water in your home as long as there is an electrical connection.


The disadvantages of an electric hot water system are as follows.


Despite having a low startup cost, an electric water heater system will end up costing you more money over time because electricity is more expensive than gas.

Electricity is Crucial

There is no hot water in your home during a power outage.

Longer time to recover

Compared to a gas-heated system, less water can be heated to a specific temperature in a given amount of time.


To summarise both the hot water system’s advantages and disadvantages, it is more convenient to buy a gas hot water system as it can heat a larger amount of water as you need than electric ones. Nothing is more convenient than having a sufficient supply of hot water anytime you need it.


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