The Emerging Role of Technology in Public Health and Safety

Emerging Role of Technology

Keeping the public safe from disasters, accidents, and waste spills is an important role. Everyday there are incidents that leverage technology to protect the public. From AI controlled lights to smart computers in cars to video surveillance systems in public spaces, technology is everywhere. In recent years more emphasis has been placed on how to use technology to advance and improve public health and safety. The pandemic shed a light on how to use technology to better contain outbreaks of viruses by using tracking software on mobile devices. This article will tell you about The Emerging Role of Technology in Public Health and Safety.

Health Monitoring Devices- emerging role of technology

While people love gadgets like the Apple Watch for the convenience and fun of it, the health and medical applications of these tools are endless. They can be used to monitor things like blood pressure, pulse, blood sugars, and so much more. And when they are connected to the internet, they can alert someone if any of these numbers get dangerously out of control. Technology and IoT in healthcare are emerging fast and furious and the applications will help countless individuals.


Smart cars aren’t just a novelty. Did you know that some cars have sensors that allow them to brake before you can even notice you need to? Some will even sense objects in the way and swerve to avoid them. This blend of driver + smart car is a powerful combination for public safety. It merges the best of both worlds.

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Other smart technology in transportation includes how light cycles are determined, crossing lights and signals at train tracks, and so much more. The applications for technology in transportation mean that there is less room for human error and more room for improving safety.

Waste Spills

Did you know that robotic devices help to contain and clean up waste spills? They can sense the spread of hazardous wastes better than the human eye to ensure all the spill is accounted for and gets cleaned up. They assist teams of people on the water and help to improve the safety of the people working and help the cleanup go more quickly. For spills on land, an inspection robot can be sent in before human teams to determine the safety for them. These robots can send data wirelessly to ensure people are kept at a safer distance from the hazardous materials.

Outbreak Tracking

The pandemic highlighted the need for technology to help track outbreaks. By finding hotspots, you can send resources to locations more efficiently. This can ensure that the places that need help the most can get it. Additionally, technology has been used to help with contact tracing to ensure that people who had close contact with an infected person was notified that they could’ve been exposed to a harmful illness. Ultimately this data can be used to help people make better health decisions, quarantine and social distance when needed and more. This data can also pinpoint environmental factors that may make a region more susceptible to outbreaks.

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Each year more than 200,000 people die due to medication errors. The more advanced the technology, the less room there is for human error. This will save thousands of lives each year. Additionally, technological advances are emerging to allow for customized medications. These designer drugs are produced for one individual and are tailored to their unique biometrics and biological needs. This advanced technology means that medications can become more effective with fewer side effects that often happen with broad sweeping pharmaceuticals.

Video Surveillance Technology

Like it or not video is here to stay in the public space. It’s a powerful tool to keep people safe. From cameras on police officers to street cameras that can help identify hit and run suspects to helping keep people safe in their homes, video is helping. Public safety is important for communities. No one wants to live somewhere they don’t feel safe. Video technology acts not only as a deterrent for people to commit crimes, but it also helps identify people when crimes have been committed.


Focusing on public health and safety is a critical role in the community as an emerging role of technology. By leveraging more technology, the risk of danger from human error becomes minimal and more lives can be improved, helped, and protected.


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