The Exchange Bank Review — Choosing the Right Broker

The Exchange Bank Review

The Exchange Bank Review

In a competitive industry where many companies have to manage billions in daily trading volume, continuing to stay relevant without making any mistakes is a tall task. While The Exchange Bank does not have a crystal clear track record, it is still a highly reliable company that managed to avoid many issues that often trouble companies offering brokerage services in FX markets. The Exchange Bank is a great company with a versatile catalog of financial products.

What makes The Exchange Bank interesting?

Many traders are looking for companies that can offer not only standard services but also unique advantages! The Exchange Bank has several exclusive advantages enjoyed only by clients of this particular broker.

  • The technology is on a level higher than the industry standard. The web platform has a complex infrastructure offering an excellent user experience to all clients who engage with the website. You will be able to manage your finances and investments within a single platform. At the same time, safety and security are two priorities. All communications are heavily encrypted and user data is never shared with third parties.
  • The customer support team is excellent. While many companies in the industry offer similar communication channels and levels of support, you will be surprised by the competence demonstrated by many specialists in the support team.
  • The variety of financial instruments. It is a very important thing for many traders. Day traders and scalpers very often like to work with highly volatile instruments and prefer high-risk/high-reward strategies. More conservative investors prefer using more reliable instruments with smaller spreads. The Exchange Bank has everything!
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What is kind of bad at The Exchange Bank?

The company indeed has many advantages that are easily recognized by people who understand how the industry operates, The Exchange Bank also has a couple of downsides that we must mention to keep the review fair.

  • Withdrawals can be very slow. While you can expect to receive your earnings within 3 days on average, some withdrawal requests may take up to 5 business days and even longer. Such delays are standard for the industry, but seeing them regularly is not something that many users enjoy. Nevertheless, banking is reliable.
  • The customer support team may be slower on holidays and weekends. There are notable shortages of staffers during busy times. While markets operate 24/7, the corporation has more employees on active duty during business hours.

The mobile app of The Exchange Bank

The mobile application developed and published by The Exchange Bank is a great instrument for those traders who want to remain active and continue trading even when they don’t have access to their laptops. The app offers the same functionality as the web platform. Users can access their portfolios, place orders, and more. You can download it on your iOS or Android device.

Education at The Exchange Bank

Modern users are often not prepared to invest in FX markets. However, they can learn more about fundamental economic laws and rules that govern trading by using the knowledge base with tutorials, strategies, and investment tips. Educational materials here are diverse and contain different types of information that will be useful to both conservative investors and speculative traders.

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Banking at The Exchange Bank

The company has a variety of payment methods so that customers can choose the most convenient way to deposit or withdraw funds.

  • Visa and MasterCard are both great choices for those who need money quickly. If you want to top up your balance instantly to avoid a margin call, debit cards are the best and most convenient.
  • Bank transfers are employed for reliability and transparency. Note that you can request a withdrawal to your unt only after verifying your identity.
  • Cryptocurrencies and payment systems like PayPal or Neteller can be useful and even provide additional benefits. However, the availability of such options depends on where you live.

The verdict

The Exchange Bank is an established brand in an industry that has a very competitive environment. If you are looking for a reliable partner in the domain of financial markets, you should explore what this broker has to offer!


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