The flip phone is back! Nokia re-lands 2720 handset with dual screens and battery


The retro flip phone is now back as the famous brand, Nokia is redefining its retro flip phone. Nokia released its first 2720 flip phone in 2009 but now it is being relaunched in the United Kingdom next week. Although it has a retro look, it comes with many new features like connectivity and apps like Google Maps, WhatsApp and Facebook.

At the IFA 2019 Trade Show, it was announced by the company in Berlin. Nokia says that the phone is exclusively designed for those individuals who are looking to undergo a digital detox. It is extremely important for the world today to detox themselves from such a chaotic social media world and experience some moments of today’s physical world.

Nokia’s spokesperson said that they have redefined the classic flip phone. It is best for using it just on the weekends. The handset possesses two screens – one with a 2.8-inch main display and the other with a smaller 1.3-inch display.


The smaller screen can be operated even when the phone is closed. It also helps you to see the notifications when the phone is closed. The handset will also support a 4G connection. It will also support Google Assistant and can be utilized as a Wifi hotspot.

It does not make use of too much computing power and lasts for around 27 days after being completely charged. It has two color variants, grey and black. This model goes live for sale next week. It is priced at £80.

The restyling of old, existing phones has become a trend these days. Nokia has already restyled 3310 and 8110 and they proved to be really successful. Nokia is also bringing back the iconic Razr phone which will have a bendable screen that could fold in two.

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