The Great Advantage of SMS Marketing

sms marketing
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In the last few centuries alone, one might argue that SMS marketing has truly evolved to become an art form.

Businesses all over the world are constantly looking for new ways to increase their visibility and create enticing new marketing strategies that can grip the attention of their customers.

With the help of modern technology, the monumentally lucrative marketing landscape now utilizes a host of platforms to carry out its every need.

One method in particular might come as a surprise to some, however. That method is indeed SMS marketing.

It provides a host of unique advantages and distinctive tenants that stand apart from the crowd in many ways, making it a consideration for any professional wishing to start an all-compassing new campaign.

If you are currently in a similar position or would like to boost your brand awareness anytime soon, here are some benefits to opting for the SMS route.

A Higher Impact Rate Of SMS Marketing

Spam emails are unfortunately an all-too-common occurrence in contemporary society, as anyone who regularly needs to surf through a cluttered inbox every day will likely be aware of.

Many of these emails will no doubt be attempts by marketing teams everywhere to push their latest deals on you in the hope that they will somehow survive the spam folder.

With SMS marketing, the message is sent directly to the recipient’s cell number, which might mean the chances of them taking the time to actively engage with it are higher than if it sits unassumingly in their email inbox. The experts at Tatango can offer you sound advice and software options if you are thinking about utilizing this style of marketing in a political capacity.

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Fewer Steps for the Recipient

An SMS will immediately appear on the recipient’s cellphone, reducing the number of steps required for a marketing message to reach their attention.

This is an incredibly important factor to bear in mind when thinking about the practicalities behind navigating various communication platforms. If there are fewer steps involved, there is a chance they will not be overly put off by the nature of the message itself at the point of contact.

SMS Marketing is More Personal

If you can think about the reasonable number of platforms any given individual will be signed up to receive push notifications from these days, it might be easy to understand why they would simply gloss over the majority of them.

Suffering from information overload is a very real possibility in the modern, digital age, so finding the right channels to connect with the customer on is vital.

Herein lies another strength of SMS marketing, in that it can appear to be more personal. An SMS is a direct line to a cell number, which can make the message seem tailor-made for the individual in question.

An Immediate Solution

If the average smartphone owner does, in fact, spend over three hours a day looking at their phone, then it might be safe to assume that an SMS will have absolutely no trouble in reaching them.

It is also worth thinking about the immediacy in which one reaches for their phone the very second that their SMS tone rings out.

Consider the Time of the Customer

When thinking about marketing campaigns, it can be important to consider the customer’s time, and exercise caution when communicating with them, as a consistent flow of promotional messages can lead to them becoming annoyed with your brand.

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SMS messaging is a great way to make your marketing campaigns feel less like a meaningless attempt to reach out to whomever you can and more like a specific need to address the demands of the customer in question.


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