The great Sourav Ganguly

great Sourav Ganguly

The Indian cricket team has had some incredible captains during its history. Currently, all bet for you from 1xBet can be made on all the matches played by this great squad. One of the best players to ever be appointed as a captain of the squad is Sourav Ganguly. During his career, he was an excellent batsman, who was recognized as one of the best in the world at the time.

Ganguly played professionally between 1990 and 2012. During his career, he spent time in squads like:

  • the Kolkata Knight Riders;
  • the Pune Warriors India;
  • Lancashire;
  • and Bengal.

He was highly successful in all those squads. However, he also had excellent games when playing for the national team. For example, in the 1999 edition of the Cricket World Cup he had great performances alongside Rahul Dravid. You can find all bets for you when choosing to wager from the 1xBet website, which offers the best options in Indian cricket.

A successful captaincy despite difficulties

Sourav Ganguly didn’t have an easy career. In fact, there were many moments when he had disputes with coaches, teammates, and also experienced drops in form. However, he managed to constantly overcome those circumstances and return to his teams playing even better than before. It is possible to make cricket match betting on on all the squads where Ganguly played at some moment.

Ganguly’s captaincy of the team started in 2000 and not in the best circumstances. This happened because previous captain Sachin Tendulkar resigned from the post after some scandals were revealed. However, Ganguly managed to put things back in order and got the team back on track.

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The Indian team reached the final of the 2003 Cricket World Cup. Those competitions are available on 1xBet to make cricket match betting on them. After that competition, Ganguly was dropped from the squad due to his performances not being good enough. Yet, he returned in 2006, only to be dropped again after a dispute with then coach Greg Chappell. He returned one more time in 2007.

Life after retirement

Sourav Ganguly’s career came to an end in 2012. His last team was the Pune Warriors India, for which you can bet live match on website. However, he remained connected to the sport in an active way even after his retirement. When Ganguly finished his playing career, he started to have many management positions in different organizations of the sport.

He ended his tenure in 2019, and after that, he became the president of the BCCI. From this job, he has overseen everything related to the sport in this country. Currently, on 1xBet it is possible to make a live bet on all matches that take place in competitions overseen by this organization.


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