The HTC Vive Cosmos- pre orders Begin September 12th

The HTC Vive Cosmos- pre orders Begin September 12th
The HTC Vive Cosmos- pre orders Begin September 12th

HTC revealed the news via Twitter, announcing that more information, including specs, price, and special offers will be made official at the time when pre-orders go live.

“Be ready to lift off and go to the cosmos. The #HTCVIVECOSMOS pre-order goes live on September 12th. Coming week we will be sharing more on COSMOS, Vive Reality System, & media previews. cosmos on September 12th for preorder information, specs and special offers,” the company said in a tweet.

What we know about the headset releases, this is a wholly new strategy for HTC. The media hasn’t officially had the opportunity to go hands-on with Cosmos in the public yet, so there’s still no saying how well the inside-out optical tracking will work, how comfy the headset is, and what in fact is the real level of display clarity it has an advantage over HTC’s past devices, including Vive, Vive Pro, and its enterprise-facing mobile VR headset

The HTC Vive Cosmos- pre orders Begin September 12th

Vive Focus.

HTC has earlier told that Cosmos boasts “40% better lens clarity over the original Vive,” although that’s not really a telling figure.

There’s also a lot of mystery over price. There have been some a few leaks, most famous of which was a price listing by British high street shop Argos that put Cosmos at £700.

HTC informed shortly after the listing was removed that it was “listed by error” on its retail partner’s website, although it didn’t specifically tell whether the price was anywhere near accurate or not.

Fans are very eager to get their hands on this device. Many even expressed their concern at the potentially high price on Twitter. That being said, it seems like HTC will have to capitalize on this market to become the sole big player with everyone else going deep into VR’s R&D.

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