The Importance of a Digital Marketing Strategy and Internet Marketing Tools


Digital marketing is booming for a variety of reasons in this day and age. Businesses can get new customers from different parts of the world at an ever-increasing rate. If you are figuring out how to become a great product manager, a big part of that is familiarizing yourself with digital marketing.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Here are a few key reasons digital marketing is vital for businesses today:

Increased Conversion

Business gauge the progress they have made with their marketing campaigns by looking at the number of leads they have converted, deals and sales made, how many subscribers and supporters they have, and so forth. In other words, marketing campaigns are carried out with the sole intention of boosting Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Different forms of digital marketing, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization, email marketing, among others, can help you boost those conversion rates. Furthermore, a well-conducted CRO audit will help maximize the results of your efforts.

Levels the playing field for all businesses

Digital marketing has managed to nullify the effect of the traditional marketing big budgets can buy, thereby giving businesses of all sizes and types a shot. Given how all of this is on the internet, businesses can flourish if they get things right and redirect as much traffic as possible back to their websites and increase their brand recognition and awareness. Consider an Instagram bot; these tools save you lots of time. No more tedious liking and following. You can outsource it all!

The added advantage of digital marketing is customer support. You can communicate with multiple customers and address their concerns at scale without having call center services in place.

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It is no secret that the primary issue that plagues businesses other than inferior products and services is the cost of marketing. Big businesses generally have enough money to run effective traditional campaigns, thereby dominating the competition. If your small business needs some startup funding to compete, learn more about title loans.

However, things have now changed, and marketing no longer costs businesses an arm and a leg, which is why small and medium-sized companies have a real shot at competing with the big sharks.

Aids in Interaction with the Target Audience

While increasing organic traffic to your website is critical, turning prospects into returning customers and retaining your current customers is paramount. This is where interacting with your audience comes into play.

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No platform other than digital marketing allows you to reach your target audience at scale and address their issues, cater to their needs. In other words, you can build trust in your clients if you reach out to them effectively.

Can get you Ready for IoT

With the anticipated rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), you can assume a whole new structure to be put in place that incorporates the appliances we use today, including smartphones, personal computers, tablets, and so forth digital marketing courses for beginners.

Marketing has proven to make or break companies due to the unpredictability of change. Companies need to be able to adapt to a whole range of possible changes, including advancements in technology. If done correctly, digital marketing could set up your business such that you will be able to cater to your target audience even with IoT in place.

Which Digital Marketing tools Should you get?

Here are some digital or internet marketing tools you should consider using:


Ahrefs has an extensive database that contains data on almost 150 million keywords. This comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool can be used to boost a significant amount of traffic to your website.

Additionally, you can analyze your competitors and follow their top pages and a whole lot more. The Content Gap tool allows you to view their content rankings.

Ahrefs is known to offer excellent analyses of backlinks. If required, you can get a backlink analysis report of other websites, like those of your competitors, for instance. This is not the case with the vast majority of SEO tools. All in all, Ahrefs makes for an extremely powerful digital marketing tool

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Slack is a highly popular digital marketing tool. It is an excellent communication service that enables companies to create channels for communication between different departments, team members, and much more.

It allows communication to be transparent and quick, thereby ensuring very little confusion. Team members and heads have no issues communicating daily tasks and their respective statuses.

In addition to this, Slack makes it painfully easy to connect with different members through channels. You can create, join, or leave as many channels as possible, as and when you want. Slack has proven to be powerful because it is integrated with a multitude of other tools.

While you can create different channels for different tasks and add team members, you also have the option of communicating with individual members directly through direct messaging if you wish to discuss something in private.

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You would think that a powerful tool like this would cost you a bomb. However, you can expect to use Slack for free if you are a small or medium-sized business. If you are an enterprise, Slack offers custom pricing. You can choose a package depending on your needs.


MailChimp is an excellent email marketing and social advertising tool that you can use to run and automate campaigns. It enables you to keep track of the organic traffic from all the campaigns you run. The fact that you have a variety of integration options with SaaS companies makes MailChimp powerful.

MailChimp has a variety of features to its credit. Here are some of them:

  • Email Beamer
  • Merge Tags
  • Email Designer
  • Multi-User Accounts.
  • Email Templates
  • Custom Forms
  • Option for A/B testing
  • Built-in analytic tools

There you have it, a quick yet comprehensive guide on what you need to know about digital marketing. If you are getting into digital marketing services, be sure to get your hands on these tools.

Regardless of the type of digital marketing you prefer you should use marketing automation software to save money and resources. Click here to see how you can automate the creation and management of marketing campaigns on several platforms at the same time. Marketing automation enables you to promote your business more quickly and effectively.


About EngageBay

EngageBay are the new kids on the block but fast becoming the preferred email marketing service for many startups and small businesses out there. They offer a wide array of email marketing templates powered by a simple drag and drop interface. Moreover, the segmentation and targeting functionalities are great. Among different aspects of email marketing, trigger emails are an important factor that influences the success of any email campaign.

The ability to personalize your emails, rich formatting options and an easy option to track your campaign performance makes EngageBay a great marketing automation software to go for.

But it’s the pricing that really stands out:

Pricing per contact

Up to 1,000: $0/mo

Up to 10,000: $8.99/mo

Up to 25,000: $29.99/mo

Up to 50,000: $47.99/mo 

What we like about EngageBay: The amount of features it offers at a competitively low price point. Their flexible, customizable plans are good too. 

The user interface is simple and user-friendly and their support is commendable. It is a modern platform for small businesses that cannot affordhigher-priced solutions.

What they should improve: Emails are branded so if you’d like to send emails without the EngageBay brand, you’d have to pay extra. 

Who is this for: those who are looking for a powerful yet affordable tool to reach customers via different channels (emails, SMS, push notifications,etc). Also, in case you are looking for a free tool, they offer a decent deal for $0 a month.


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