The Importance Of A Well Developed Resume & Adding Picture Into It

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When you are making a resume your sole purpose is to make your resume in such a way that it stands out among the other candidates so that it attracts the recruiter and your chances of getting one step closer to the job seem possible. One should put a lot of effort while crafting a resume. Most of us are building a resume for the first time and are quite inexperienced with the art of it. Few of us are unaware of the current employment trends too. So, it’s not wrong to take outside help. 

Sometimes it’s better to leave things to the professionals and focus on what you can control, like practicing for the interview part and enhancing your skills. For building a resume, you can find many resume builders. There is a number of Free Online Resume builder apps that will aid you in your quest to build the perfect resume for yourself.

The Importance Of A Resume

Now, the main question is why do you need a resume in the first place? Resumes are your initial point of contact with an employer, and they set the tone for following procedures like the interviews, pre-screening, and onboarding. Without a strong first impression, a potential employer is likely to dismiss you as a competent candidate for the position and move on to other candidates with stronger credentials. 

Resumes are used by employers to assess your credentials and personality attributes for a job. Employers utilize resumes to get a better grasp of a candidate’s talents, characteristics, and experience. Here are some reasons why a well-written CV is crucial:

  1. To show a summary of your achievements

An excellent CV clearly describes your position. Your CV is adequate to provide a brief overview of your whole career. Resumes are also an excellent chance to highlight your abilities. You are welcome to mention your internships. They add value to the courses in the overview section via projects, industry visits, and training. As a consequence, even if a recruiter chooses not to read the whole CV. The summary, at the very least. It will be adequate for him/her to assess your worth as a candidate.

  1. To communicate your skills and eligibility

A smart CV tailors your eligibility and skills to the position you’re looking for, allowing hiring managers to assess whether you’re the proper fit. Occasionally, just a few individuals can make use of a large number of achievements. And make it too much for the employer. During the resume review, an employer’s interest may wane. As a result, only outstanding accomplishments in a very straightforward and obvious manner should be included. Which is beneficial to both parties. A well-written CV is essential in any interview process. Your CV is one of the most important elements in any organization. The significance of a resume is that it provides a concise description of your prior job experience, knowledge, abilities, and training.

  1. First impressions

During the interview, your CV makes the first impression. Then your other skills and qualities are exposed. As a consequence, rather than making a book, present a concise résumé with a set amount of pages. Also, make it simple and easy to read. First impressions are crucial. Your CV must be exceptional if you want to impress employers.

  1. State your personality

Including a photo on a resume is all well and good. It tells your personality along with your skills.  There is a question that is asked by most of the candidates while making a resume to include your picture in the resume or not? Everyone has a different opinion on whether to include a picture or not. Even Google has varied answers on whether one should include the photo or not. Below are some of the pros of adding your picture to your resume.

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Advantages Of A Picture In A Resume

  • Most of the recruiters only spend an average of seven seconds on your resume. In this much time, they will decide whether to accept or reject your resume. A good and attractive picture will allow the recruiter to spend a few more seconds on your resume. A good picture will enhance their interest to read more and this will give you a chance that all your strengths and skills will be thoroughly read by the recruiter. This builds up the chances of your resume being selected for the job. 
  • Some of the jobs/industries like modeling and acting require a photo in your resume. The better the picture the more are your chances of getting selected for the job. Therefore, pictures become mandatory for this job. 
  • Having a photo on the resume gives a clear image of you to the recruiter. This helps you establish your brand. Helps the recruiter analyze you by looking at your photo whether it gives positive energy or not. A positive image will send positive vibes, so one should always check for the following details before posting a picture on your resume:
  1. You should always post a picture in proper attire, it should be a business casual or business professional dress. 
  2. Your appearance should be neat. Your hair and dress should be neat. 
  3. Photos should be facing the camera properly and the lights should be proper. 
  4. Have a friendly smile, it has a good impression on the recruiters. 
  • One of the things in today’s world is that all of us use social media more often. Even the recruiters check your social media for a photo of you so it is beneficial for you to include a picture so that it is easy for them to and for you. 
  • The picture helps recruiters humanize your resume. It helps analyze you and your personality through a picture. This might be an opportunity for you to attach your bright and positive picture that will attract your recruiters. 
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A picture is worth a thousand words, and in job applications, a photo may send a strong impression. A visual representation of how you seem (whether available online or not) adds little value to your job application. Recruiters will spend more time evaluating your CV if you have a visually attractive photograph. Allowing them to ignore all of the mistakes on your CV. A great picture will spark their interest and urge them to read more, stay longer, and discover more about you. Perhaps they’ll take an extra 5 seconds to go through your résumé.

So even though it is not entirely compulsory to use a photo in your resume, it never hurts to add sprinkles on top of your ice cream. If you are confused as to the specification of how to add it and more, you can always take the help of a free online resume builder. 


You can find several apps that will convert your LinkedIn profile into a resume. This will not only save much-needed time but help you find all the relevant experience and put it in a single resume for the relevant position you are applying for. Linkedin to resume converter apps are getting much popularity these days and are worth looking into.


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